Children Shoe Brands

One of the most important pieces of a kid’s outfit is their footwear. Too wide, too narrow, too loose, too tight, any of these circumstances can cause harm to rapidly growing feet that can lead to the various problem as well as into adulthood.

Because kids’ feet grow so quick, you must get their feet measured each time you get them brand-new shoes, especially school shoes, which they will most probably wear more than the others.

Since childhood is about a critical stage of a kid’s growth such as crawling, walking, stomping, running, and many more, their footwear must provide them with the appropriate support, weight, and versatility to adapt with their continuous and active happy practices. Of course, durability is important.

You do not want your kid’s shoes to wear out before they grow out of them. Kids make great testers because they are honest, blunt and critical, just what we wanted to find out which footwear brands are best for them to wear.

UK’s Best, Clarks

The Clarks brand has been active for around 170 years and labeled as the best-known kid’s footwear brand in London, with roughly around 450 stores over Britain.

Clark’s designers are very knowledgeable in how children’ bones develop and grow, and they only come up with shoes that flex and moves along with the natural movement of a kid’s tiny feet.

Clarks do half sizes, and a broad spectrum of widths in nearly all its kids’ shoe ranges, and the competent team provide a free fitting as well as measuring service. Save money with a clarks coupon code here.

The Gorgeous Lelli Kelly

The brand Lelli Kelly is all on fun, glitzy footwear, perfect for children who are into bling, pink and flowers. It’s not that Lelli Kelly does not do footwear without the florals and sparkles, but for the largest part, it does.

And that even goes for the baseball and canvas shoes, which highlights hand-sewn beads and flowers made from sequins.

Having originated in Italy in 1992, Lelli Kelly brand has gone from power to power, and now has a broad array of Sandals and ballerina footwear to baseball shoes and even school shoes (no pink here, but you can still anticipate the flowers and glitz in other styles).

As for concern with the actual use, this brand is great. The materials are tough-wearing without being stiff on a child’s feet, they made sure that is right and appropriate, including the baseball boots being machine washable in some cases.

And they provide shoes for all ages as well, from baby’s canvas footwear right up to teenager hi-top shoes.

The Cool Kid’s Step2wo

The brand started in 2007 and made their reputation for on-trend footwear for kids and babies ever since, with many of the styles profoundly impacted by grown-up fashions. In another word, this is the brand what the cool children use.

Step2wo, designed in the United Kingdom, is essentially made in specialist facilities in Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

The quality of the delicate leather and stitching are high quality, and the footwear gives excellent support and is sturdy as well. The variety is wide which includes some exceptional shoes for school. Some as well come in half sizes.

On the other hand, however, it is a bit irregular, instead of being consistent, in addition to this, they do not come affordable.

The Popular Crocs

Crocs are the primary item numerous parents order for their kids at the beginning of the summer season.

The Crocs are instantly recognizable, waterproof, lightweight, and colorful foam-padded clogs, are somewhat a great favorite with the children as well, several of whom do not desire to wear anything different in the hotter periods.

What several parents do not realize, however, is that Crocs does some fall and wintertime styles that grant the equal convenience and ease of use, from classic clogs, fuzz-lined, through to boots for rainfall and snow, along with more easygoing street methods.

If you plan to buy children’s Crocs for the chillier months, you may require buying a size up because they offer less room for tiny feet than the summer shoes.


Selecting the appropriate footwear for kids will always be significant because they will have constant activities and the shoes will always be the item affected the most.

In addition to this, because they are still on the stage of growing, selecting the shoes with the right fit and weight will be critical for them to feel comfortable on their footwear which they will primarily use every day.

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