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Amongst some of the most thriving trends in the healthcare tech landscape, the advancement of Electronic Health Records solutions remain the hot topic of the town.

If we go back in the time, then we will realize that the EHR awareness as well as successful implementation was the key focus area of the health care experts and hospitals worldwide, professionals and hospitals.

Though, now, healthcare professionals are well-versed with the uses and functionalities of EHRs and have adopted them. And, now, the main focus is on the meaningful of the electronic health records solutions.

Advantage of using EHRs

ehr-advantagesAs a myriad of hospitals as well as physicians have moved to EHRs, but there are plenty more who need to understand the power of EHRs as well.

It may seem like healthcare mavens have realized the significance of EHRs but they are still finding some challenges that are restricting them to make the most of the EHR solutions.

They know the systems can help them in various ways including, managing their work better, enhancing patient engagement, fostering interoperability, opening scope for analytics etc. However, the UI of the systems has been a downside since long.

UI is one of major challenges of the EHR industry

user interfaceThe implementation of EHRs might have become a necessity, and there are a million reason to back this fact, however, EHRs have their own set of limitations as well. Though, the problems are being resolved on the fast track mode by the EHR developers.

The UI of EHRs is/was one of the most troublesome parts of the healthcare technology business. The main purpose of EHRs is to make health data promptly accessible to certified people across the healthcare organizations with the sheer motive on enabling coordinated care between different physicians and facilities.

And, this not just in the best interest of the care seekers but allows the caregivers to be function more efficiently as well.

However, the most of the EHRs designs are not intuitive as well as the user interfaces are a bit clumpy too. This has made it quite tough and challenging for the clinicians to make full use of EHRs, and this may impact the adopt-ability of the software as well.

The need of a good UI

good-uiAny technical solution with a one-size-fits-all type of a UI, which is curated for a generic user group or a device may lead to lower adoption and implementation. Whereas, if the UI of the solution which is specifically developed for every type of user, seems to be more preferred.

Also, UI of the healthcare systems should be clutter-free as none of the healthcare professionals would like to waste time on figuring out how to use the system.

EHR developers should leverage the skill of experienced UI developers to develop custom EMR systems which have simple UIs with clear user roles, and have explicit UI patterns created for every device.

This makes it all the smoother for the user to access the tasks they need. Also, a good UI that is not only pleasing to eye, but is very simple to use always gets good credit from the users. Therefore, it is important to make the UI of EHRs very interesting to not only retain the clients but also catch the fancy of many new users.

Benefits of having a personalized UI

Variety of doctors may have a variety of different preferences. The user interface development of an EHR should be focused on providing most comfort to the user. Plus, the users should find the UI very interesting and connected, it should be built as per the needs of the users.

Keeping this requirement in mind, many organizations have already offering services of developing a customized UI for EHRs and EMRs.


Everyone working in the healthcare field already has lot on the plate to handle. Most of their functions are not linked to tech, hence, for them the experience of using technological solutions should be made very interesting and simple. EHRs and EMRs being the rock solid technological products in the Healthcare industry need to be rebuilt, and redesigned constantly to offer a fresh, customized and engaging experience to the users.

There have been talks where people have doubted the capabilities of EHRs as their UI seemed a little week. But this is changing with time. Companies are putting their best foot forward to give a fantastic makeover to the old User interfaces.

And the time is not far where you might find a huge number of healthcare solutions with absolutely exciting UIs.

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