florida date night ideas

Trying to stay romantic and creative over the years can be difficult, especially if you’ve lived in the same area for years.

So here is a little guide to unique date night ideas in Florida that you probably haven’t done yet. Florida can easily be divided into ten regions.

There are lovely date night opportunities in each region. Here are some of the top suggestions divided by region, so get ready to count those brownie points.

11 Florida Date Night Ideas

#1. Northwest Florida

The St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge offers nine miles of pristine beaches just begging for you to go seashell collecting on a romantic date.

There are miles of hiking trails through a variety of ecosystems. The island is home to more than 240 species of birds.

The only way to reach this refuge is by ferry, regularly leaving from Indian Pass, Florida.

#2. North Central Florida

Learn about the evolution of farming from the 1850 to-1950s the by visiting the Dudley Farm Historic State Park.

While you and your date will encounter farm animals and crops being grown using traditional methods by people dressed in historical costumes, the best time to go is during late November and early December when they make their sugar cane syrup.

#3. Northeast Florida

Taking a ghost tour of the St. Augustine Lighthouse is a fun date night activity. While this city is filled with many historical buildings, the Keeper’s House at the lighthouse is the oldest, having been constructed in 1874.

Many people report seeing the lighthouse’s first keeper smoking his cigar, and others report seeing his replacement at the top of the tower. In contrast, still, others report seeing two young girls tragically on the property.

#4. Jacksonville

Catching a show at the Thatcher-Horne Center is a fun activity for date night. This theatre on St. Johns River State College is a great place to see Broadway productions.

While the theatre seats 1,700 people, you and your significant other will feel like you are the only one here as the experience is intimate.

#5. Central West Florida

Going kayaking at Rainbow Springs State Park is a beautiful way to spend date night. If you do not have a kayak, then rent one from the concessionaire located there.

Grab hold and swing from one of the many ropes tied to the old-growth trees lining this waterway. Stroll along the walking path hand-in-hand.

#6. Central Florida

More than 750 horse farms are located in Central Florida. While it can be hard to get into many of them, going on a barn tour is a great way to visit three of them.

Depending on the season, you can see baby foals and learn about great stallions, including Kentucky Derby winners who have been raised in this part of Florida.

#7. Central East Florida

Take in a free concert at the Riverwalk Bandshell in Stuart, Florida. The riverwalk is also a great place to dine on fresh caught fish and oysters.

Finally, spend some time shopping in the quaint shops located along the riverwalk.

#8. Southwest Florida

Rent a boat or take your own to visit Cabbage Keys. Dine in the open-air restaurant sitting on top of a 38-foot Indian shell mound.

Have a drink in the old Floridian-decor bar. Hunt seashells on nearly deserted beaches.

#9. Southeast Florida

There are many reasons that Biscayne National Park makes the perfect date night spot. Take a guided tour starting from the visitor’s centre at this park covered by water with only one mile of paved highway or go fishing in the nearby waters filled with over 500 species of reef fish.

#10. Southwest Florida

Going on a glass-bottom boat ride is a great way to spend date night. Most tours will take you to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, where you will see a fantastic variety of fish swimming among coral reefs.

#11. Key West

No trip to Key West should be complete without a stop at Kermit’s Key Lime Shop. The shop is easy to spot because it is a key lime colour.

Once inside, you will find key lime pie, essential lime cookies, key lime taffy and critical lime jelly beans. However, the list does not stop at just desserts, as you can also find essential lime tea, critical lime olive oil, key lime salsa, and essential lime chutney.

There are a variety of things to do in Florida on date night. You might want to consider taking some time away so that you can experience them all.

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