leather shoes for men

Life is a journey, which begins with a good pair of shoes. Be it a Business meeting, a formal event or a dinner party, our shoes reflects our personality.

It is important to note that while selecting formal leather shoes for mens online, we need to check that the shoes are of the correct size, comfortable, and at the same time, stylish.

This article will help you to choose the right formal leather shoes for mens online and look at the different types of leather along with styles of formal shoes.

Choosing The Right Leather

Formal leather shoes for men online are available in many types of leather. We will discuss 5 types of leather here.

Patent Leather

This leather is the most formal shoe material. It has a glassy mirror sheen. One must be careful with this type of leather, as the creases form easily on them.

Full Grain Leather

This is top in quality, extremely strong, and durable. It gives a natural look and feel of the leather.

Top Grain Leather

Second most durable leather with its natural grains. It is sanded and buffed to remove imperfections and blemishes. This leather is the best when it comes to a uniform look.

Pebble Grain Leather

A textured leather. It creates a pebbled look with a super soft texture.

Smooth Leather

The name says it that all this leather is devoid of noticeable grains and shines easily.

Styles Of Formal Shoes

#1 Oxford

The most elegant looking closed lace shoe with eyelet tabs stitched under the vamp. Oxford shoes come in a plain or brogue style in black and brown shades. It is widely recognized with a cap toe, which divides the vamp. Another style is the wing tip oxford with the wing around the shoe and a brogue. The plain toe style gives the oxford shoes a classy look with no design on the vamp.

#2 Derby

A comfortable fit, also a common formal leather shoe for mens online. It is an open lace shoe stitched together above the vamp. Derby formal shoes are available in wingtip style with a wing cap in the middle of the shoe. Cap toe derby style divides the vamp with a stitch line and a plain toe derby is with a plain vamp.

#3 Brogue

A timeless style in the formal leather shoes for mens online and make a fashion statement for any formal occasions. It is designed with multiple pieces along with decorative perforations.

Brogue comes in 4 toe cap styles- Full brogue which is a pointed toe cap with wings and perforates along the edges. Semi-brogue toe cap style is a decorative perforation in the center of the shoes. Quarter brogue style is a perforation along with the cap edge designed for a more formal wear. Longwing brogue is with wings along the full length of the seam on the shoes.

#4 Monk Strap

Designed with a buckle or a strap this formal shoe is less formal than Oxford and more than a Derby. Monk strap shoes are in 2 types- one is single buckle shoe and the other is a double buckle shoe.

#5 Chelsea Boot

One of the most versatile, comfortable, and sleek styles when it comes to shoes for men. It is designed as an ankle-high boot with elastic sides or a side zips to slide in or out of the shoes easily. Chelsea boots are available in Oxford and Derby style, which is in plain vamp type, rounded toe cap and open lace with 2-3 pairs of eyelets.

Once you invest in a right pair of formal shoes, it will take a little time and care in looking after the fabric and the soles of the shoes. So, go ahead and pick the style of formal shoes that match your personality.

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