Money is nothing where there is true love. Exactly, it is true that love sees no money or show-off. If you love your partner, you are not going to get lured by unnecessary things. You can express your special love for your beloved through a piece of paper or a token of love gift and that would be enough. The point is to express your love to your partner every now and then through different gestures.

Girls love gestures
If you are trying hard to impress your beloved, make sure that you do some gestures. It is not about buying a bungalow or a huge car; it is about doing small things with delight and love. For example, you can come up with romantic and beautiful love letters for her. Once you have written such a letter for her or send her any letter expressing your love, affection and fondness for her; it will immediately reserve a place in her heart.

Don’t compare her
If you want that your girl always remains yours, then you have to stop comparing her. No matter if she has some flaws, you have to understand that nobody is perfect. You have to overlook her imperfections so as to make her feel loved.No matter how amazing colleagues or friends you have; but you have no right to compare your beloved with them. If you are comparing your beautiful partner with others; you are losing her. No woman likes to get compared with any other person. So, it is better not to think about comparing even in your thoughts.

Stay loyal
If you are loyal towards your beloved, you will not find any types of issues in your relationship. A woman only looks for loyalty and once you have given her that; you can enjoy her unending love and affection.

Don’t take her for granted
Many men take their women for granted. If you are one of them then you need to shake of your this habit. Don’t insult your love by doing so. You can never know what happens tomorrow. So, you have to make your beloved feel loved and special. Even if you are out of station for long and you are not getting a chance to curdle her or give her a kiss; it is okay. What you can do is, just write or send a meaningful romantic letter. Let her know how special she is in your life. Don’t underestimate the power of such a gesture. It will only make your relation deeper and more relished.

Say ‘I Love You’
You might have heard couples saying I love you in movies and stories; but do you say it in reality?Come on, even if its three years that you have got married, you have to maintain the supply of love. If you cannot do big gestures; at least say a meaningful ‘I love you’ to your partner. If you feel shy saying this face to face, just write it in a card and give it to your beloved. This single phrase will keep your relationship intact.

So, what are you going to try out of these things to give a fresh breathe to your relationship?