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When taking a transatlantic flight across the pond, there is an assortment of technology I bring to remain organized, connected and powered-up. From entertainment to charging packs to water sterilizers, the following is a list of the five most important tech gadgets any traveler should pack.

Now a days, Gadgets are very important and it has became very important part of our life. With the use of gadgets, we are enjoying our each and every moment just because of their functionality, easy to operate, helpful in many ways, and it’s presence in our life like a care taker and helping friend.

Tech Gadgets for Business Travelers

When you are going for vacation, family travel trip or business travel, you need some Travel Gadgets to make your travelling time joyful and helpful for any small task to do during travel. Here we have explained about top 5 travel gadgets, which you should carry with you. Please take a look and don’t forget to give you valuable feedback in rerun of this hardworking post.

1. Laptop

Travel Laptop

My laptop is important for the lengthy flight over the ocean. Although most transatlantic flights offer some type of in-flight entertainment, my laptop allows me to watch and listen to whatever I want, whenever I want.

Also, I can play single-player video games while on the flight to help pass the time. The versatility of the storage is beneficial as I can bring CD’s, DVD’s or digital files on the trip. Since I try to minimize the amount of luggage I carry, I typically only use digital files.

Additionally, when I have work that needs to be completed, the laptop will gives me access to all files and information. Additionally, I upload any pictures I take while on the trip at night to serve as backup storage.

2. Mobile Battery Pack

Mobile Battery Pack

The mobile battery pack is critical for charging my smartphone and other devices. When I am exploring sites and cities, outlets are not available at every corner. Mobile battery packs come in a variety of sizes, shapes and capacities.

The most basic models are pocket-sized, tube-shaped and typically have a single charge per use. However, there are other more complicated juice packs that feature multiple charges and the ability to charge multiple items at once.

These are much larger and more expensive but could be beneficial for several travelers. I carry around the smaller, basic version as it best suits my needs. I never want to miss out those breathtaking photos because my phone has died.

3. Smartphone


I do not have an international voice and data plan but since there are so many functions, it is helpful to have in my pocket. When visiting a foreign-speaking country, I use the Google Translate app which helps me understand and communicate with locals. It’s as simple as typing in my language and the country language to hear and see converted words.

Also, most smartphones boast a camera that rivals most point and shoots with editing features and resolution. This eliminates the need for lugging around a camera. Additionally, the smartphone is another means to connect to the Internet from Wi-Fi hotspot locations, which are available in most major cities.

Furthermore, when I want to contact my loved ones, there are number of apps where I can call for free through a Wi-Fi connection. Finally, when in airports, I do not need to carry around boarding pass papers as security agents simply scan my phone.

4. Universal Power Adaptor

Universal Power Adaptor
Universal Power adapter Image Credit:

Without a universal power adapter, I cannot charge any of my electronics. Different countries have different outlet requirements so purchasing an adaptor pack, with a variety of plugs, is most beneficial. Many retailers sell these packs by continent (i.e. Europe) as some of the plugs are similar.

Also, the current type in different countries varies so it is important to have a converter. Although most modern electronics feature this converter, it is always best to check with the manufacturer prior to traveling.

5. Water Wand

Water Wand

If I am heading to an exotic country with questionable water filtration systems, the SteriPen Ultraviolet Bacteria Killing Water Wand is first on my packing list. The SteriPen does not require any dissolving tablets or plug-ins.

It is as simple as sticking the wand into a glass of water or bottle, flipping the on-switch and holding it for 48-seconds until rendered safe. The wand kills the diarrhea-causing pathogen, Cryptosporidium, and a variety of other problem-causing bacteria.

There are so many considerations prior to traveling overseas that it can be easy to forget the most essential electronic gadgets. Luckily, the aforementioned technology ensures I am always connected and charged as well as safe from foreign bacteria and pathogens.

Due to its extensive number of features, the smartphone leads the charge followed by power adapter, backup battery, water wand and laptop. I never miss out on a moment with these gadgets during my exciting experiences!

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