Termites existence

Termites are known for their invasion of wooden furniture and structures in your house. Termite colonies tend to attack rival termites and invading insects like ants. These insects are venomous to the wooden structures in your home or office in New South Wales, however not to humans.

These little white ants are so dangerous that you can see your house getting hollow from within. The log of wood lying in your backyard would be diminished into dust eventually, once attacked by termites. Once suspected of termite infestation, you should call nearest pest control expert for termite inspection in New South Wales.

Thankfully, they don’t have a tendency to bite humans or else the scene could have been much more destructive than now. Let us have a look what and how these tiny but harmful pests can affect your house.

How would you know about their existence?

termites on furniture

The best way to confirm the presence of termites in your house is to know about their appearance and some telltale signs. Talking about appearance, you won’t easily see one as they remain underground or in the walls. However, studies prove they are tiny ants-like pests found in groups (colonies).

Some proven signs of existence:

As it is difficult to see termites, look out for some common signs like:

  • Small, wood-coloured, crinkled droppings
  • Mud tubes formed outside surfaces
  • Small sized wings resembling fish scales found at certain entries to your house

Due to the difficulty of finding termites on your own, it is recommended to have regular termite control services in Central Coast for your home by professionals.

What you should worry about?

If you have your own house, you are aware how large is the investment made in buying a house. For your information, termite damage could cost you another big amount annually if not treated from the root source. To dig deeper into reality, insurance companies exempt termite damage from their home insurance policies. So, better keep away from these venoms or you wo9uld ultimately land up to a bigger problem.

How can you prevent termite infestation?

  • Eliminate moisture formed due to Ac units, fixing pipes, etc
  • Ensure clean and maintained drainage systems
  • Proper maintenance of plants and mulch
  • Keep lumber and firewood away from your house boundaries
  • Do not store excess wood like yard debris or tree stumps
  • Caulk cracks in the foundation and around utility lines or pipes.

The most effective way to keep away from harmful pests is regular termite pest control in Central Coast. If you are purchasing a new property or house for your family then you have to keep this in mind that pre purchase inspection is highly recommended so that a pest control company or an building inspector can inspect that if there is any problem or not. They will help you choose that which property is good or not for your and your family.

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