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Ordering grocery online has become the latest trend. People use apps and website to order grocery to keep themselves away from the hassle of long queues and rush at the grocery store. There are many grocery apps too available in the market.

How do you make sure your Grocery app stands out of the crowd and is among the best apps? Well, that is simple; if you want to ace this race then you have to follow this checklist.

Some Facts

  • One-quarter of online respondents say they order grocery products online, and more than half (55%) are willing to do so in the future
  • Growth of online grocery shopping is driven in part by the maturation of the digital natives—Millennials and Generation Z

5 Checklist Points to Make Your Grocery App

Grocery App

Enhance customer awareness
Despite so much awareness of apps and the ease it brings in our daily life, some customers are still unsure about using grocery ecommerce app to order their daily grocery. If you want your customer to be, aware of the quality products and services you provide them you have to increase the customer awareness. You need to educate them about the various brands products you sell. You need to connect with your customers on the app and maintain a healthy relationship. This will help to attract more customers.

Email Marketing
Marketing is very important. Moreover, email marketing is one of the bets strategies to use to promote your grocery ecommerce app. If you want your customers to use your app then you need to reach out to your target audience through email marketing campaigns telling them about new products and offers you have in store for them. Offers are very enticing; hence, app installations will increase through email marketing. To ensure that your users are using the app and ordering products you need to make sure to mention necessary details, like offers, discounts, referral program, loyalty programs, etc.

Courtesy Message
Once you have received an order from your customer and you have the order delivered to them, you must send an app notification asking them for the review of the product and delivery. Do not make it a sales pitch enforcing them for a future sale as it will lead to only losing the customer. You should rather try to build a strong relationship, sending a courtesy message like “we have shipped your product and it has been delivered to you, hope you like it, please let us know the review of our services and the products your have received”.

Loyalty Program
Grocery mobile apps that keep rolling out loyalty programs at regular intervals have a higher successful rate of retaining customers and acquiring new ones through their referral programs. This can bring your app in the spotlight in the web world. Your loyalty programs have to be better than offers; they should a level up then the regular offers you roll out. Various things you can consider while rolling out such offers are reward points, free shipping, refer & earn, and lot more that will help to grow your grocery app presence in the app market.

Be Seen
Out of sight is out of mind a very common proverb used often in situations when something is not seen for a long time and then is forgotten. If you do not want to be forgotten then you need to shout out at regular intervals. You do not want your user to go to some other brand, so best is that you keep interacting with your customers. don’t get so lost in your web world that you forget your customers as it won’t take them long to forget you. Connect with them on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You need to publicize on regular basis on these platforms for people to know that you still exist and that you have the best offers for them.

Grocery is a daily requirement of every person and time is a crucial factor on the web. You have just those first 5 minutes to make or break the reputation of your app. Make sure you stay connected with your customers by sending them offers and asking for their feedback. You need to make them feel important hence, staying connected and providing them with offers is a very good way to keep a hold on your customers. Use the checklist above to make your grocery ecommerce app stand out in the crowd.

Mudra Rao: I am an I.T. engineering graduate and completed M.B.A. in marketing. I am a professional consultant in retail mobile apps technology at Ohoshop and have keen interest in retail industry start-ups. Writing for ecommerce mobile apps is my passion and have more than a decade experience in authoring blogs and articles on various categories, products and services.

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