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Contributing as a guest blogger is a unique way to reach more audiences for your blog and some blogs even pay you for the same. It’s a method used by bloggers to promote their blogs on other blogs with Quality Guest Post Opportunities.

It is done for link-building purposes, which anyway necessary for higher page rank. Though, the process is been into practices since years, still many bloggers are failed to find quality guest post opportunities for their blogging sites.

Here we got some tips for these bloggers that will help them in finding new quality guest post opportunities:

10 Tips for Guest Post Opportunities

10 Tips for Guest Post Opportunities

Internet search is still in!

Call Google as a ‘step-mother’ of all information and news stories. It is a great source to fetch out all information and best data; however it all depends on your searching skills. Proper use of phrases and words can bring exact results for your search.

For example- you can use “submit guest post” or “Write For Us” with quotes in the search and it will show you the exact result.

Other alternate keywords you can include in your search are- guest post, guest post by, guest post guidelines, accepting guest post and similar words.

Facebook and Twitter are real magicians of social media world. You can use both of them for guest blogging opportunities. Many of us are unaware of the feature offered by these two sites.

You can actually search on Facebook and twitter about things by plug in the terms like- guest post, write for us, blog for us, guest blogger, writers needed, etc.

You can join any group and start writing! – Approach some blogger communities
I would like to suggest one of the Best Facebook Group: Guest Post, Guest Blog – This group will help you to get good guest posts for your blog.

If you offer free guest post on your blog or looking for sponsored posts, This is best Group.

Are you aware of online communities which are offering assistance for blog owners and guest bloggers?

Sites like My Blog Guest and Blog Synergy helps in connecting guest bloggers with blog owners.

Ready steady Go moment!

Guest Post OpportunitiesOnce you have collected bunch of sites offering guest blogging opportunities, you need to prepare a pitch. Before writing any guest post, start reading the guidelines mention on the site for guest bloggers. This is very important and can’t be neglected. In the next step, you can read some post and analyze the taste of blog owner.

It is essential to discover the tone and style preferred by owner because you need to write the post as per his audience and preference. Try to approach him/her in personal way.

That means NO Dear Sir or Madam and BIG NO to whomsoever it may concern. Speak to them directly in friendly and polite manner.

Tell them about your blog and provide them your blog link (if you have). Provide them a good reason to be a guest blogger on their blog; in short how will you going to impress them is your next step.

Don’t use an advertising tone for your post as you are writing a blog. Blog posts are generally interesting and comprise of facts, truths, concrete information and less adverts.

Guest blogging can be a lot of fun and can help you in bringing traffic and new clients. You need to make little efforts to enjoy fruitful results.

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