Skin Tightening Procedure

Thermage is utilized to non-surgically fix and lift the skin. It works best on these regions:

  • the face – particularly around the jawline
  • the eyelids (connection to Guide to Eyelid Thermage)
  • the backs of the hands
  • the neck and chest (not as viable here but rather alright)
  • the body (I don’t suggest yet)

On the face, the entire face and jawline are dealt with to fix the cheeks, lessen the nasolabial overlay (between the nose and the mouth), and to fix and lift skin along the jawline. Most focuses including our own do the region under the button as a major aspect of the face. You shouldn’t have to plan a neck treatment for that.

Thermage Dubai can likewise be performed on the brow to lift the eyebrows and influence the eyes to look more open. Utilized with the Eyelid Thermage treatment, you can get a significant pleasant outcome with gentle to direct issues here. It can likewise be useful on the neck if there isn’t excessively free skin.

Accomplishment on different parts of the body have not been great or predictable notwithstanding the emotional prior and then afterward pictures you will see on the web. Keep in mind numerous photographs don’t indicate common outcomes or even have been shot with a specific focal point or lighting to accomplish a specific impact. Thermage is turning out with another tip for body work that works all the more profoundly; ideally the new tip will enhance the consistency and consequences of fixing on the body destinations.

The strategy utilizes radiofrequency vitality to make a uniform warming impact in the profound dermis. This delicate warming fixes existing collagen and fortifies the creation of new collagen. It lessens wrinkles and accomplishes forehead lifting, cheek lifting, and jaw line lifting.

The skin tissue lifting and fixing is caused by prompt collagen constriction took after by steady collagen fixing. The outcome is a more young appearance to remiss and hanging skin.

What does a treatment feel like?
We know from great research ponders that everybody makes collagen after a treatment. To utilize a baseball relationship, I believe it’s reasonable to expect a solitary, twofold, or triple from Thermage, yet not a grand slam. So in some cases there is an apparent absence of results that is identified with desires that are too high. A decent laser focus will tell you what is practical for you. Thermage is for mellow to direct listing, not for undeniable cheeks.

Great research ponders likewise demonstrate that around 90% of patients demonstrate a quantifiable and observable impact at a half year. Numerous patients see a few outcomes quickly. For the 10% who don’t see obvious tightening, despite everything I think there is a decent outcome since it averts drooping throughout the following year or two. Protecting what you have is as yet an advantage.

You’ll feel a brief sensation of heat each time the Thermage is pulsed. But the device monitors the surface temperature of your skin and applies a cooling cryogen spray, which is delivered before, during, and after the application of heat. If you do feel discomfort, ask your nurse or doctor to turn the energy down just a bit. The new 3.0 tips, through which the heat is delivered, are very comfortable without sedation. Thermage treatments are no longer painful.

Usually a treatment takes 1–2 hours depending upon the size of the target area.
Here’s how the procedure goes: First, you remove makeup with a gentle cleanser. Then, a small rubber patch (grounding pad) is placed on your abdomen. Usually, your doctor will treat one side of your face at a time—pulse by pulse. Your doctor will do multiple passes, all over one side of your face, including extra pulses in your problem areas and always under the chin. After one side is done, you can sit up to see the difference already from the other side.

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