Advanced Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery, also known as hair restoration, is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are moved from one body part to another body part.

Most of the times, follicles are removed from the back of the head, although a lesser used, less successful method known as BHT or Body Hair Transplantation, does exist. Follicles are moved from a donor site to the area that requires hair known as the recipient site.

Usually, hair transplantation refers to the procedure used for male pattern baldness, but hair transplant surgery is also used to enhance or create eyelashes, eyebrows, moustaches, and beards.

Facial Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplantation Methods

Good quality hair transplant surgery done by Capilclinic can result in a totally natural-looking head of hair with no nasty side-effects or tell-tale signs of obvious work. Of course, the more advanced your hair loss is, the less chance of complete restoration.

But this has been mitigated in recent years by the introduction of advanced procedures like FUT and FUE which allow hair to be donated from areas such as the arms, back, chest, armpits or legs.

Advanced Hair Transplant Surgery

This is not the transplant surgery of yesteryear: there are no plugs or scarring left behind and the only people who will know you had it done will be you and your family.

Other possible treatments include micrografts, minigrafts, scalp flaps, scalp reduction, direct hair transplantation and plugs. However, many of these are now considered totally outdated and have many side effects.

Scalp flap surgery for example has the possibility to leave the patient looking strange and may even need plastic surgery to correct it after a few years. Plugs have become infamous for the ‘corn rows’ look and are clearly visible as fake hair.

This is due to the hair being placed in tight clumps as opposed to individual hairs with a spaced-out arrangement. This is the nasty image most people associate with hair transplants. These inferior techniques have all been replaced recently by what are now considered the ultimate procedures for hair transplants – FUT and FUE.

Hairs From Hair Donor

These allow individual hairs from the donor site to be placed in the recipient site permanently. Donor hairs are usually taken from the back of the head and placed on top in a randomized fashion to avoid any linear patterns.

This results in real hair in the previously bald patches that looks completely real and genuine. They are even harvested at the correct angle to ensure the natural direction of one’s hairs remain normal.

This will result in the ability to style one’s hair any way you choose. Since the hairs are taken out individually there is no scarring left behind or any long recovery period. Scabs will heal and fall off within days and the full effect of the transplants will be seen after 12 months.

This is because the hair needs to re-grow so very little progress will be seen in the first few months. Many people get depressed around this time but it’s totally unnecessary and all that’s needed is a little patience to see it to the end of the first year where you will finally reap all the rewards.

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