Health Care

As a health and nurse, you will help your patients regain, improve, maintain and promote their physical and mental health. You fulfill different tasks. On the one hand, you provide care and care for sick and needy people. You support them in what they cannot do and help them get along with their new situation.

On the other hand, you assist the doctors in the examinations and treatments or take care of themselves independently medical treatments, which the experts have prescribed. You regularly record how the patient is treated and how they are treated.

Good Reasons For Health And Nursing

Sense work: You help sick people and can directly experience the positive effects on your patients. This makes sense and motivates you.

Teamwork: Teamwork is indispensable for health and nursing. You work closely with your colleagues and other health experts to make your patients fit again; you also learn a lot from the others.

Versatility: You work with people, so no day is like the other. You also have many different tasks – from nursing to medical activities to social interactions.

Career opportunities: If you want to go higher, you have several options. You can further develop and, for example, surgical nurses in the operating room or as an intensive caregiver to provide care to the sick in the intensive care unit. Also studying a health care is a good option.

Does The Profession Fit Me?
Are you interested in natural sciences and medical topics? Do you like to be a social worker? Then this profession is something for you. When dealing with patients and their relatives, resilience is important. As a health and nurse, you should also be able to work as a team and be communicative and not have any fear of touch. Sensitivity to dealing with patients is helpful and also to remain calm in difficult situations.

Training Duration and Requirements
Training as a health care professional takes 3 years. It takes place at nursing schools, which are often affiliated to hospitals. With us you can directly join the training process with less formality.

As a primary schoolmate, you can only become a nurse if you have already completed another education (two years) prior to your education. In addition, you can apply if you have previously completed 1-year training as a health care and nursing assistant for the elderly caregivers.

Another prerequisite is your health fitness. For example, do not have contagious diseases and your back should not cause you any problems, because the job is not a little used in this job.


  • in hospitals
  • in specialist practices
  • In health centers
  • in old people’s homes and nursing homes
  • in dormitories for people with disabilities
  • in outpatient social services
  • in health insurance / medical services

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