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The stomach muscles or the stomach wall becomes weak when the intestine comes out, it is called hernia. There is an uprising, which can easily be seen. Stomach muscles become weak due to long periods of coughing or heavy lifting.

In such a situation the probability of hernia increases. There are no specific symptoms, but some people experience swelling and pain, which can increase when standing and stretching in muscles or lifting some heavy luggage.

Hernia’s problem can also be congenital. This is called congenital hernia. A Hernia can occur to anyone after one time and cannot be cured without surgery.

Hernica and Acidim Natural Treatment at Home

In this, there is an abnormal artery beneath the abdominal skin, which is under the navel. A part of the intestine comes out from a weak part of the stomach muscles. Apart from this, there is also anglic hernia, femoral hernia, epigastric hernia, emblicular hernia, which looks very little.

Hiatal Hernia Causes

Excessive labour, taking heavy weight more than your strength, continuing to be coughing or pushing for stool during defecation also results in a hernia.

An obese person is more likely to have hormones than putting more emphasis on the stomach. A Hernia is likely to occur even after the operation. An emphasis on the stomach in pregnancy can also cause a hernia. But this disease is usually more common to men.

Hiatal Hernia Treatment

Tablets like ACIDIM and XEMBRAN can help fight H pylori bacteria and reduce the amount of acidity in the stomach. These two tablets will also help you giving relief from severe pain caused due to the bacteria in the stomach.Read on below to know the Natural treatment for a hiatal hernia.

Acidim and Xembran

If a hernia is large, it is swollen and it is not possible to treat it without surgery. If you find out the symptoms of local hernia, you can reduce it by home remedies. However, only these primary remedies are possible with primary remedies, and it can also result in inverted consequences.

So before going on to try domestic treatment, contact the doctor first. In a cough, it works like a panacea and is also tried. It has now proved to be effective in the treatment of a hernia, especially when the lines fall after the hernia leaves, then try it.

Ginger Root

The root of the ginger protects against the loss of gastric acid and bile juice in the stomach. It also works in pain caused by a hernia.

Flame (Chamomile)

Acidity and gas become sufficient after coming to a hernia in the stomach. Consumption of flowers in this situation gives a lot of relief. It cures digestive tract and reduces the process of becoming acid.


This is a wild drug that is very sweet. Its roots have considerable medicinal properties. It cures digestion and reduces the process of becoming acid in the stomach-intestine. It also relaxes in a hernia.


This is a herbal supplement that strengthens the stomach muscles and protects the organs inside the stomach. It is very effective in preventing a hernia from coming out. Hawthorne is found in Citrus Seed, Hawthorn and Fennel.


Acupuncture in the pain of a hernia brings much relief. The pressure of a hernia is lessened by the pressure on a special nerve.


Pressing the place of ice with a hernia gives plenty of rest and swelling is less. This is the most prevalent.

Home Remedies Hiatal Hernia Treatment

  • The patient should drink more and more water by sip.
  • If the patient’s weight is increased, then he should first control his weight.
  • The patient should not sleep after immediately after eating, do a little bit of walking.
  • After adding one teaspoon apple vinegar in one glass of water after one hour of food, slowly sip it and drink it.
  • In the morning, morning and evening, half a spoonful of raw cumin seeds chew and chew, and drink warm water from above.
  • Before bedtime, one spoon of Arjun bark and one-fourth of the pulse of sugar in a glass of water boil till halfway in the glass and again filter it regularly.
  • In the morning empty stomach Aloe Vera juice must be sure to drink, put at least 30 ml of Aloe Vera in a glass of water and drink it sigh and sip it.8. In the evening, eat 2 bananas daily.

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