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Visiting a place for the first time is always an engaging activity, but sometimes it can be a little hard to experience all that you had in mind. Many people complained that they have visited Hong Kong, but couldn’t get the most out of this city, mostly due to the lack of time.

Even though Hong Kong is blooming with different attractions, some of them better than others display the true identity of this city. In the following article, we will present you some of these attractions and try to let you know why you should definitely visit them while exploring this pearl of Southeast Asia.

Visit Hong Kong Museums and Temples

Blended within the modern architecture, Hong Kong’s museums and temples are still a living proof of the city’s glorious past. And as expected, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is one of the most expressive settlements in this city. Divided into 12 distinct exhibitions, this place manages to display the entire history and offer a good peek into the cultural heritage of Hong Kong. Reaching from the Paleolithic period to our modern days. The museum features a rich collection of manuscripts, works of art, relics and other valuable objects.

On the other hand, visiting the temples around in Hong Kong is always a joy, no matter of your religious background. For example, the Man Mo Temple is one of the oldest and most picturesque religious vestiges in this city, and at the same time a true architectural wonder. This temple was built in 1847 and it was imagined as a tribute to the God of War and the God of Literature.

Enjoy the Ride On a Star Ferry

Going on a cruise is always a fun activity, especially if you are surrounded by an amazing landscape. However, a ride on the Star Ferry takes this type of activity to a whole new level and manages to offer a truly unique experience. These days, there are many faster ways to cross the two sides of Victoria Harbor, but none of them will offer the same feeling.

These humble little ferries are carrying passengers since 1888, and they are doing the same even today. A trip with a Star Ferry will let you cherish the simple things, and will make you understand that the whole fineness of Hong Kong comes from its simplicity. The scenic ride will most definitely amaze you, and you’ll be able to capture a perfect view of this marvelous city.

Shop at Temple Street Night Market

Hong Kong is so much more than its great architecture and rich history. An important part of this city’s identity is represented by the people. If you want to interact with these people and see them in their daily environment, then you should visit the Temple Street Market. This night marketplace opens right after sun fall, and the traders are already at their stands, waiting for customers.

You can find anything at this Street Market, from electronic devices to clothes, street food, fortune tellers or even live street performances. It’s like a whole world that comes to life after the sunset, and you will be happy to witness something this interesting and unique to the city.

Experience Traditional Hong Kong Spa

There are many modern spa centers in Hong Kong, but it would be a shame not to visit a proper traditional salon. These settlements maintain the same traditions as the original ones, offering a true lesson of history and a relaxing treatment at the same time. A typical spa session will relax your muscles and your mind, which is much welcomed after wondering around the city whole day.

A full treatment is usually accompanied by a massage session as well. Traditional Hong Kong massage was considered as a medical treatment for many years, curing conditions such as stress, migraines or high blood pressure. Its therapeutic properties are being confirmed by many specialists, and even the royalties were coming here for such a treatment in the not so distant past.

Final Thoughts About Hong Kong Travel Agency Experience

Visiting Hong Kong for the first time will fill your heart with joy, and you will be eager to visit and experience even more of the city. Its unique blend of east and west, modern and traditional is something that cannot be found anywhere else, so it’s no wonder why many people are coming here and trying to embrace as much as possible with each new visit.

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