Advanced Battery Terminals

As modern life spins around transportation, battery terminals rise in demand. From public to personal transport (bikes, cars, trucks, buses or tractors) battery terminals are mandatory accessories for automobile batteries.

What are these?

Wondering what is a battery terminal? This is an electrical media between the battery source and the battery cable.

What are the uses and types of brass battery terminals?

Brass Battery Terminals

Besides automobiles brass battery terminals are used in several electrical appliances, like invertor batteries. Depending on its varied uses, brass battery terminals are available in different shapes, sizes and designs. Some of the most used brass battery terminals are

  • Angle type, which can again be classified as heavy, medium and small.
  • Strip type can also be divided into two types as heavy, medium and small.
  • Lucas type has some specific dimensions as 9.5mm, 11mm and 13mm.
  • Marine type comes with nuts and studs and its size and shape completely depends on the requirements of the customer.
  • Straight barrel battery terminals are known for utmost flexibility on crimp or solder finished equipment.
  • The wing nut brass battery terminals are best for simple car battery removal purpose.
  • Split barrel brass battery terminals are best suited when customer requires high conductivity and protection of batteries from rust.

Why use brass battery terminals?

Battery terminals can be made from brass, aluminum, copper, zinc and lead. As you are spoilt for choices get to know the unique features of brass battery terminal swhich make these unique and more beneficial than the other types.


Brass battery terminals are both weather and water proof. Be it automobile or electrical appliances, none of these are always used under dry and pleasant weather conditions, hence a battery terminal must be strong enough to resist aggressive weather conditions. Also, brass is known for its tensile strength. This means brass can sustain for longer periods than other metals under high pressure, when stretched or pulled.


Brass is known to be a rust resistant metal. This is the reason you can use it for longer time periods where there is high amount of moisture. Some brass battery terminals are available in nickel, chrome and tin plating which enhances the anti-corrosive property of brass. Brass battery terminals are hence less prone to wear and tear, durable and thus economical accessories.

High conductivity

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, which means it contains the conductive property of copper. Battery terminals need some amount of conductivity if not high conductivity as copper.

Easy to install

Brass battery terminals are easy to install. You need not need engineers or skilled laborers to install these. Simple setups and built-in bolts provide required flexibility to brass battery terminals.

What are the essential qualities of battery terminals?

So, now as you know brass battery terminals are an integral part of automobile batteries, how do you choose the best one for your vehicle? Keep the following check points in mind while buying a brass battery terminal:

Should not come with sharp edges and heavy burrs

Why? Because if the brass battery terminals are shape edged then these may damage the wire. If the wire is cut it will led to short circuit and sudden mishaps.

Should be made from high quality brass

Battery terminals made from cheap or low grade brass will not serve the purpose of safety and durability. Check if the brass battery terminals are made from free cutting brass IS 319 (I) or BS 249 (I) or from IS 4413:CZ131.

Should have different thread types

Battery terminals without proper threads cannot provide high level of performance. Make sure that the threads are either made from ISO Metric (MM Threads), BA, BSW (Inches), UNC or from UNF.

Should be custom designed

All vehicles or electrical appliances do not have the same requirements. Purchase a brass battery terminal which fulfils your requirement.

Give new life to your automobiles or electrical products with exquisite brass battery terminals.

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How Advanced Brass Battery Terminals Speed Up Your Vehicles 1
How Advanced Brass Battery Terminals Speed Up Your Vehicles 2