epoxy floor coatings

When considering what floor is best, you may be staggered by the array of choices facing you. Of course, your decision will depend on the area you’re flooring, precisely what it is used for.

However, one flooring that is often overlooked but really should be considered is epoxy floor coatings. These are tough, stylish, and extremely practical.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is designed to be laid on top of a concrete floor. That means you need to have your existing concrete floor smoothed and polished before adding the epoxy. The flooring itself is made by mixing a resin and hardener. It is done onsite, before application.

The floor takes up to 72 hours to fully harden, at which point it is a durable coating. It’s perfect for high traffic areas and even places where vehicles cross.

You should note that who can create epoxy flooring in a wide variety of colours. Once it’s down and set, it needs very little maintenance.

This type of flooring is created as a liquid and poured across the concrete. It’s then moved around with special brushes to ensure good coverage and a smooth finish.

How Durable & Scratch Resistant Is It?

It’s tough! The first thing to note is that this tough finish will last for years without repairing it. The only exception is if you drop something weighty on it, this can cause the epoxy to crack.

You’ll want to have a patch repair done by a professional to prevent this from ruining your floor.

It is scratch-proof. You’re going to have to work at it to scratch this finish! You should also note that this floor is stain resistant.

It doesn’t matter what you spill, you can mop it up, and there will be no trace of it. It’s resistant to acids, bleach, chlorine, and even gas.

This makes it exceptionally good for garages, workshops, and even your kitchen at home.

Don’t forget that once you’ve had the floor put down, you don’t need to do anything to it. Simply sweeping and mopping is enough to keep it in perfect condition.

An adequately laid epoxy floor will last for between 10-20 years or more. That makes it a worthwhile investment.

Who should note that the cost of installing an epoxy floor is comparatively high? This is because the concrete under it must be specially prepared and finished, or the epoxy floor won’t adhere properly.

That’s why it’s best to let a professional do this part. Of course, over the long-term, the flooring can be said to be significantly cheaper than other types of floors. This is because it needs no maintenance and will last for such a long time.

Finally, what can personalize epoxy flooring? It’s not just the colour you can choose. You can also decide to have swirls or patterns set on the floor. These will be done when it’s laid and will last as long as the floor, creating a desirable effect.

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How Durable is Epoxy Flooring and Is It Scratch Resistant? 1
How Durable is Epoxy Flooring and Is It Scratch Resistant? 2