How Mobile App Helps To Boost Business

eCommerce Mobile apps are taking over almost every place. Any business or sector, you name it, there will be Mobile App Helps To Boost Business in Various Industries.

App has become the ideal business solution for people across the globe. The emancipated & limitless functionalities that an app provides to its audience have been the major reason for the growth in the app world.

You may be a start-up or a well-established business, and the mobile app will add to the growth of your business and help you gather a larger customer database.

Having a well-developed and feature-rich mobile ordering app for your business can be very productive and help you build a profound relationship with your customers.

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How Mobile App Helps To Boost Business

Why are people implementing mobile apps in their business, and how has it helped boost their business? These are two important questions that we will find answers to.

Revenue generated through apps has increased a lot is expected to take a new phase altogether by 2020. A survey by Statista shows that in 2015 the revenue generated by apps was $69.7 billion. In 2016, it was $88.3 Billion, and by 2020 it will reach up to $188.9 Billion.

The article below will discuss how various industries benefited by implementing mobile apps to their current business.

#1. Apparel and Fashion Stores

The shopping trends are changing in apparel too. Where people prefer to try and then buy a dress today, they prefer to shop online.

If you have an apparel and fashion store, you must go for apps because, according to a survey, there is an increasing growth in buying apparel, footwear, and accessories online in the US.

Where in 2015, it was $56.88 billion. In 2016, it was $63.29 billion, expected to reach $69.82 billion in 2017, and by 2021, it will reach $96.41 billion.

When all are ready to buy online, why not furnish them with an app that gives them access to your store on the go.

Some of the many benefits of taking your apparel and fashion store to the mobile app are:

A. Online Merchandising

You do not need to make extra space to add products and manage them. Here customers can see multiple products and make their purchases with ease.

B. Deep Link

With Deep Link, you can redirect the customer to a product, category, form or a specific page you wish for them to land on while you send offers or push notifications to your clients.

C. Advanced Push Notifications

You send notifications to your clients from the mobile app itself, updating them about offers or new arrivals. This will increase engagement and your customer database.

#2. Grocery Stores

Grocery is an industry where you, even today, will find people going to the store to shop. However, things are changing, the hectic lifestyle and the long queues having begun to bother them.

Hence having a mobile app will only ease your customer’s life and help to enhance your business’s growth. How a mobile app will benefit your business let, we look at these points below:

A. No Big Investment

You don’t need a huge investment to get an app developed for your grocery business. Instead, you can start your app with a little investment.

B. Product Management

This is an important feature for the grocery store to manage your products from your phone while you are not even in the office.

C. Immediate Update on Orders

This feature gives you immediate updates on your orders. You do not need to refresh your system or your app to get these notifications. These notifications will help you process the order in time.

#3. Vegetable Stores

Vegetables are something your customers will need every day. Apps have taken over all the industries, and people prefer to order vegetables online.

They get them at good rates and vegetables are fresh too. So taking your vegetable business online through the app can be very beneficial.

It is easy to maintain the orders and keep track of everything through the app even while away.

There are many benefits your business can have with a vegetable mobile app, such as:

A. Order Management

You can easily take and track the order of your customers. This is even helpful in managing the inventory and stock of fresh vegetables in your store.

B. Delivery Management

Fruits & vegetables need to be delivered on time; they cannot be delayed like other orders or products. Having an app for your vegetable store will ensure timely delivery, as this is one of the prime features of the app.

C. Address Configuration

This is a unique feature necessary in vegetable apps. Here you can configure the pick-up as well as the time settings. In addition, it helps to manage your delivery areas by configuring the address.

#4. Restaurants

The restaurant business can also come on the web. It is an easy and important way to let people know about the food and delicacies you serve to them.

You can add your menu, address, and other offers that will allow you to take orders through the app, book tables for your customers and send them to push notifications for any updates.

You can picture the restaurant to give a look and feel of the ambiance.

Features that will benefit you the most are:

A. Start Taking Order with The App

Through these features, you can take online orders through the app. It is convenient, easy, and instant.

B. Menu Management

This feature allows you to update or edit the menu as and when you require. So while you do other operations in your restaurant, you can easily manage your menu at your fingertips.

You can also add chef’s special or today’s special menu if you want to update your customers.

C. Table Reservation

People hate to wait outside the restaurant. Hence you can give them the option to book a table beforehand, and this will allow you to manage your reservations and let your customers avoid the waiting time. It is a good way to save time and increase customer loyalty.

#5. Gift Shops

Gifting is one business that will never see a downfall, the reason being people always find a reason to give gifts.

However, you can make this more lucrative by having a mobile app for your gifting business, where you free your customers from the hassle of coming to your store, and you can add products that are not showcased in the physical shop.

This will help to enhance your business and get you more customers. Some features that will benefit you most in the mobile app are:

A. Product Display

You can display the entire catalog you have of your gifting products. Therefore, you can easily categorize your products for the convenience of your customers. This allows you to manage your products and orders also.

B. Order & Delivery Management

In the gifting category, you will have to manage the orders and delivery according to customer requirements. With this feature, managing both activities will be easy and quick. It will also allow you to configure the delivery area to make the process smoother for you.

C. Payment Methods

You can offer a variety of payment options in this. Since this is all about gifts, customers will want to make online payments. Offering them the same will ensure confirmed orders. Therefore, it is beneficial for the business to offer a variety of payment options.


The mobile app development for a business has proved to be very beneficial. First, it increases both your reach and business. Second, it implicitly brings greater returns on your investment.

It makes business easy while you are moving, be it within the city or outside the city. Now managing orders and keeping track of them can be done easily through mobile. Therefore, a mobile app is a must in today’s advanced technology time.

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