How much do movers cost for a local move?

Moving is a time when you feel emotionally, physically, and financially low. It is quite easy to come out from the emotional pool you are feeling by thinking about what opportunities this move brings to you but it is not easy to combat the financial strain of moving.

If you are worried to know the actual cost of the move and want to know how companies estimate the moving cost then this is just the right place where you will get an idea about how much do movers cost for local move.

Factors to be taken into consideration!!!

Move Size

Larger moves with higher stuff are always more expensive than small moves with less stuff.

Time of the year

Time of the year is also one of the main factors that affect the moving costs. Certain times like the peak time of the season can increase the overall cost of moving.

Travel fees

Whether it is a local move still the distance from the source to destination varies the entire cost of the move.

Liability and valuation coverage

The kind of liability and valuation coverage you are getting from movers ashburn va will add up the cost of the move.

Moving date

Yes, your decided moving date can also affect the overall moving cost. When you choose to move at the peak time then you should be ready to pay higher that is why you should avoid moving at weekends and the end of the month.

Summer is also the peak season when movers are in great demand. If you are flexible enough to move on any dates then get ready to receive special deals and discounts on the moving cost.

Moving supplies

As much as moving supplies you need, movers will add up the cost in their bill. All the moving supplies that they provide will add up the cost.

Services taken

According to the services you take will add up the cost that you have to pay to the movers. If you want to reduce the cost then you can pack yourself and can do the things by yourself.

The requirement of moving special items

If you want to move any special items like a piano, hot tub, pool table, or anything then you should be ready to pay extra cost to movers.

Procedure to estimate the moving cost when it is a short distance move

Usually, all the movers charge according to the time taken of the move. The more hours you need their services, the more you need to pay them.

They start counting the time that the moving truck will take to reach the origin and then to the destination. The time of loading and unloading the shipment has been also counted.

Apart from the time, a travel fee is also added to the cost calculation. And of course, the packing supplies and any requested services will add to the total price. The formula that has been used by the companies is to estimate the cost is:

Hourly rate X Number of professionals X time taken in hours + travel fees + the additional requested service charges

Note: most of the companies have a minimum charge of 2 to 4 hours no matter how short the moving distance is. To know everything in detail, it is recommended you check all the details well.

What is the average moving cost for a local move?

The average cost that the local movers charge based on time. They tend to charge around 50 dollars for one hour.

Now, depending on the size of your home, the time taken by the movers to relocate all the things to your new home increases like to relocate a one-bedroom home, 3 professional movers take almost 4 hours to complete.

In the same way, for 2, 6 hours have been taken for completion and so on. So the cost depends on the size of the move and how much stuff is present at the home.

If you are thinking of a do-it-yourself move and just looking to rent a moving truck to transport all your belongings to your new home then you might in need of truck rental services.

The average price for it lies between $30 to $500. The price depends on several factors like the size of the truck, the duration for which you want to get it on rent, and distance also.

Fuel is also one of the most important and deciding factors of the charges taken by the movers.


Though estimating the cost is quite tricky but the above guide could be helpful to do it more easily.

But when it is a local move then you have a relief that you don’t have to pay that much amount which is charged for a cross country still no move can’t be considered as cheap.

You must ensure that there are no hidden costs included in the quote. Take every step carefully so that you can stay on budget.

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