Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame seed oil is extremely nutritious and includes heart-healthy fatty acids in great amount. Some of the Sesame seed exporters bringing a range of sesame seeds for worldwide clients and oil manufacturing industries promote their products as “healthy foods for healthy heart.”

Being extracted from tropical plant Sesamum indicum, sesame seed has 47% of oleic acid and 39% of linoleic acid. Sesamin is a natural antioxidant found in sesame oil that helps keep the oil and foods made with it from spoiling.

Health benefits of sesame oil as cooking oil

1. Aids in diabetes

Sesamin is an active coumpound found in sesame seeds enhances function and performance of blood vessel in diabetics. A study is conducted on the animal in which supplementation with sesamin for 7 weeks shown greater relaxation of blood vessel and better blood flow than the group that did not get sesamin.

Sesamin increased the antioxidant enzymes level and decreased the lipids damage. Researchers concluded that sesamin consumption for longer time may help prevent vascular damage among diabetics.

2. Anti-inflammatory properties

Epi-sesamin is a compound in sesame possessing anti-inflammatory effects that may enhance artery function. The compound inhibited the release of an inflammation-promoting immune molecule in cells that surround arteries. Epi-sesamin has shown better inhibition results than sesamin in the study.

3. Balance blood pressure

If you suffer from blood pressure problem, sesame oil can be a solution. Blood pressure lowering benefits offered by sesame oil are not hidden from the world. In the study, researchers have shown how sesamin enhanced blood flow in arteries that take blood to the kidneys. Kidneys are the parts of human body that control blood pressure by managing fluid levels in the blood stream.

4. Inhibitor of plaque

Sesamin may help prevent arterial plaque formation and enhance heart health. Inclusion of sesame oil in the diet aids in decrement of inflammatory effects of oxidized low-density lipoprotein. If you wonder how is it possible, we want to tell that sesamin compound prevent formation of reactive molecules and preserve function of an antioxidant enzyme. Moreover, it also prevents early cell death and provides protection to energy-producing cell parts that line arteries.

You can even use sesame oil for culinary purposes. Sesame oil has a signature nutty, smoky flavor mostly known by Asians. The strong flavor of sesame oil can transform your meat, chicken, or pot of soup into a complex and earthy dish. Sesame oil is super nutritious food oil that benefits your skin, hair, heart, and body.

If you know more benefits of sesame, share with the world by commenting below and help Indian sesame seed exporters in promoting the goodness of the sesame.

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