Student Exam Fears

Exams – this word itself is enough to make the hair stand up on the back of one’s neck, isn’t it? Speaking of tests, the amount of competition is so high that it nearly makes every student suffer from an exam phobia.

Well, weren’t we all scared of it at one point in our life? But, is it possible for you to ace the fear without losing your sleep? If yes, then how? Simply read along the tips given below and help yourself overcome this fear of exams.

How To Come Out of Exam Fears

Student in Exam

Prepare in advance

To excel in an exam, an absolute necessary thing you should do is start your preparation well in advance. Do not waste your precious time and wait until a week or day before the exam starts to study the subject. As soon as you get an exam schedule, start your preparations immediately. This way, you will be more relaxed as you will have a plenty of time to study your subject.

Make a timetable

Now that you have received the exam schedule, prepare for it by making a timetable. Grab any cheap printed pens that are lying around and make a study time table that you can keep up with. Work it out yourself and see if you can get adjusted to it. If you are finding it difficult to keep up with it, then make some modifications and see how it goes. Start by allotting time to every activity, this way you can limit your other activities and focus more on studies.

Concentrated Studies

When is the best time you can study with full concentration? Are you a morning person or a night owl? If you can focus well in the morning, then wake up early and get the difficult parts of most of your study covered. But if you can concentrate better at night, then better start your studies at night after resting for the entire day. If you are finding it difficult to study at any time, then it might probably be because you are physically or mentally tired. Take some short breaks of say 10 minutes; they will help you concentrate better, rather than continuously studying for hours.


Meditation can really do wonders for you. By meditating you can achieve a mental piece and calm your mind. You do not need to meditate for hours and hours. A morning meditation of 10 minutes will be a good beginning for you. Start by concentrating on your breathing. If you have a calm mind, you will be able to focus more on your studies and memorise it much easily.

Thinking positively

When preparing for you test try practicing to think and be positive. If you find yourself getting lost in negative thoughts, stop whatever you are doing and go out for a walk. You will quickly find that most of these come to your mind because of you over-thinking about things. They are really unrealistic; instead think how better you are prepared with the schedule and how you are keeping up with things. Focus on positive thoughts and you will achieve the much-needed peace of mind.

Eat healthy

The food you eat gives you energy. So, start your day with fresh fruits. They will hydrate your body and take away the tiredness from that sleep. Eating fresh salad will also help you release stress and you can keep up with studies better. If possible avoid junk food before two or three weeks of exam. Odds are you may fall ill because of it and fail to prepare for your test; worst case scenario, you may not be able to attend it and lose your self confidence.

Get enough sleep

As the exams come near, don’t overwork yourself. Keep your mind and body in a healthy state by getting enough sleep. If you are well rested, you’ll be prepared for the next day. Your senses will be more alert and you can respond to any situations better. Never study overnight before exams, as you may end up ruining your health or may even sleep in exam hall losing your opportunity to ace it.

Think of the reward

Put in efforts every day. You might feel that you are much stressed, but think of the great prize that’s awaiting. What lies ahead of you? Is it a golden cup, a scholarship or a medal? No matter what it is, don’t give up. Keep studying and keep studying consistently, because as you know, consistency is the key!

We hope the tips will help you overcome the fear of your exams and you ace them with flying colours!