How to Become a Professional Baker

Do your Saturday afternoons consist of filling your home with an aroma of freshly baked cookies?

Or are you to ‘go-to’ cupcake making mum for every school fete? Perhaps you’re the go-to cake maker in the family for all those special occasions and endless birthday parties.

If baking has turned into more than just a hobby for you and you are considering turning it into a full-time career or profitable business, but don’t know exactly where to start, then read on.

How to Become a Professional Baker

Here are some steps you can take to put those avid baking skills into practice and shift from Saturday afternoon amateur baker to a fully fledged professional baker.

Take a course

There is no better way to learn and enhance the right skills and techniques than from the experts themselves.

There are several top-quality and reputable cake baking courses available for you to delve into and strengthen your baking abilities.

Even if you are a more experienced baker, culinary training can help in improving your craft and expand your skill set.

Get some experience

Once you have equipped yourself with the appropriate skillset and top-class baking knowledge through various courses and training, it is time to put what you have learned into practice by getting some real experience in a baking environment.

This is where networking and getting your name out there in this vast industry, really comes into play. Reach out to bakers you admire or who aspire you with their amazing culinary skills and see if you can spend a week or two with them in their kitchen.

The smallest exposure and simplest real-life experience can go a very long way and act as a footstool for your ongoing baking career.

Practice and be creative

Becoming a master of your craft doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a lot of practice, and is actually one of the biggest keys to success.

Even the most master bakers know that there is always room for improvement, and there are always new things to be learned along the way. As a baker, you need to have and possess a very unique set of skills.

One of these is attention to detail so that baked goods do not come out overbaked or underbaked, and are decorated and presented in the most appealing way possible.

However, in order to really stand out of the crowd, you have to be creative and not be afraid to experiment with different recipes and flavours. Don’t be scared to step outside of your comfort zone and mix new flavours together to produce exciting adventurous tastes.

It’s great to constantly evolve your skills to produce baked goods with various textures, sizes, and designs. And most importantly, remember to have fun with it!

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