Salesforce Administrator

Remember the days when you were a student, you tried something to learn, you study hard, make schedules of practices, given a number of tests and gradually reached your goal that might be the degree or school. The point here is you were passionate. Yes, passion is the key to learning and achieving your goals on a ground of success.

Talking about learning Salesforce, there may be four important pillars: developers, consultants, admins, and users. Salesforce administrators are crucially required for each task related to Salesforce such as integration and maintenance. They can fix the issues, maintaining the flow of work and uphold the security and designated as Salesforce admins.

How To Be a Certified Salesforce Administrator

How To Be Certified Salesforce Administrator

A lot of people discover more scope in administration rather than in development line. Many non-profit and small organizations looking for a volunteer, who can handle the general tasks of process automation, and integrate smooth workflow.

As a beginner, you have to think from both perspectives to prepare yourself as a great Salesforce admin,

  • As an organization who is going to hire an admin and
  • As an admin who is going to crack the interview for Salesforce admin.

Now let’s discuss first the perspective what an organization think of hiring a Salesforce admin. They will try their 100% efforts to find the person, who can view by their eyes, understands their mission, and pay attention to their needs in the form of business.

The organization will always look for experience, skills, and certification. These are basics which are filtered as per the requirements while hiring. Well, it’s not about the budget, it’s the matter of suitability.

Let’s have a glance at – what Salesforce admins do?

At very initial level, Salesforce admins are professionals who have a sound knowledge of Salesforce ins and outs, they know how to handle the applications of Salesforce, and they can configure and manage sales and service cloud applications too. They also volunteer and suggest measures for the business to gain more from added features and functionalities.

Salesforce Certification

Experience and skills are too needed things but certification is something that is much required on priority. It is the proof of your knowledge and betterment of each and everything. If you are an organization and thinking of saving your hard earned pennies to hire a knowledgeable person without certification, you will have to suffer more loss as on the basis of theoretical knowledge, you cannot believe on his/her practicality.

So a certification is the mark of his practical knowledge, wherever he has collected this, would have surely gone under rigorous training. A certified administrator is a person who is well versed in Salesforce platform and he can give the value to your business.

The certification course mainly focuses on the regular areas of the customer relationship management and Cloud Computing system. It will test the abilities of individuals on how they can manage issues in the suitable ways, how to use workflow rules, and installing features such as territory management and automation. Moreover, the advanced certification focuses on similar concepts but include more complex operations.

Experience of Salesforce

After certification, the experience is the most counted thing. The admin must have some past experience in the application of Salesforce in their organization. Look for one who has handled CRM marketing and management through Salesforce. Candidates should have dev org created to highlight their skills. For an admin, it is necessary to be a developer first, so play with your skills and spend at least one to two years with an organization to earn your experience and practical knowledge.

Desirable Skills

A Salesforce admin is the bundle of skills because in Salesforce Customization there are lots of tasks that will require his efforts, knowledge, and skills. He has to find more ways to drive user adoption and generate higher ROI on Salesforce implementation. Anyone can become admin but still, there are some qualities that filter him out of others:

  • Strong communication skills to deal with the company and conveyance users
  • Able to create records, dashboard and validation rules
  • Good analyzing power and must know about security
  • Creative and open-minded to understand the tools and optimize their features

Some essential tips you must follow to become an admin

In the first perspective, we have a lot discussed what a company looks in finding their responsible admin. But at the same time, the points are beneficial and suited for the second perspective as well. Now we would like to suggest some vital points you must keep in your mind to become a responsible Salesforce admin.

As a Salesforce admin, you should regularly check the latest update on features and utilize them to more command.  In this way, you will get a superb understanding of all features and capabilities.

  • Take all kind of tests like developer test, admin test, and advanced admin test as well.
  • Work with non-profits to volunteer and optimize the advanced tools and technologies to sharpen your skills and become a confident player.

Take official training and attend conferences to get experience from senior admins and other achievers. Listen to them properly, learn from their mistakes and take the benefits of avoiding faults. By doing these practices, you will become more prompt in catching other aspects relate to Salesforce development, Salesforce integration, and  Salesforce Consulting as well.

  • Go for self-study, attend training and make others learn.
  • Understand the Salesforce community, read their documentation and be connected with them.
  • Watch videos, learn Trailhead and Apex, and develop the habit of delivering to others in order to make more solid learning capabilities
  • Target what matters to you and give time to yourself. Take some break and figure out if all these tips are really working for you, you are on a good go. If somehow no, change the strategies.

Wise Words

We hope this piece of write up may increase your knowledge and help to clear much of your doubts. Learning Salesforce for admin may be a daunting and exciting task. Don’t lose your hope while learning Salesforce, it is a bundle of opportunity and will give you a better satisfaction while pursuing it in a right way.

Many successful admins had failed to clear the tests in their initial stage, but they didn’t stop with that. They came back and fight, as failure is not the stoppage of life, indeed it will make you rock-tough-stronger to learn. You start everything with more focus and ultimately achieve your goals.

Take your time, understand the things and move to the right path. All the best!!