home automation system

The automated home aims at making life easier, improving your safety and comfort. But, do you know what elements can be automated at home?

How does home automation work and what are its main advantages? Companies like Smith Thompson Home Security try to inform consumers about the home automation process and how it will benefit them.

What is Home Automation?

The automation process refers to the set of systems, which involve minimal human interaction. It involves everything related to a set of technological elements though, automation.

It requires a pre-adaptation to the needs and style of the life of each user. Automation is a network of hardware, communication, and electronic interfaces that works by incorporating and connecting all the equipment used daily with a WiFi connection.

In this way, it can be controlled via mobile and from anywhere in the world.

What are the Benefits?

The main objective of automating a home is to simplify all the functionalities that a home has, such as:


Make the lights suit you. Lighting has a great impact on people’s comfort and well-being. Through the combination of different types of LED lights, suitable environments are created for each situation, with low energy consumption, and integrated into a set of installed functions.

Sun protection elements

The automation of blinds and other solar protection elements such as awnings, Venetian blinds, or curtains is key. They provide automatic shading that helps energy efficiency, in addition to increasing security and privacy.

Air conditioning

When the climate control in the home is automatic, the systems work to offer the correct temperature at any time of the day, and the user should not adjust the values, or worry about air quality or humidity.


During the night, while everyone is sleeping, make sure everything is working properly; especially your security system. It monitors if someone wants to enter the house without authorization, detects if there is a water leak or if smoke is detected. Faced with any unexpected event or incident, the security system reacts to alert the people inside.


Meet and talk to whoever is ringing the doorbell from anywhere through your smartphone. It integrates different access modes

Energy efficiency

Take advantage of solar energy, eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, and manage renewable energy.

Other Ways To Automate

Some parents automate their homes by putting in a video security system that allows them to watch what the babysitter might be doing while they are home. Motion lighting in the front of the house is another way to know when someone is in close proximity to your home.


It is important to know that automated systems provide you with complete information about how the things in your home are operating.

The temperature and humidity sensors, among others, allow you to generate information that you can use for incident alerts, which you can receive by email or phone.

This information can be stored or viewed in the form of statistics that will later be very useful to optimize comfort, savings, and safety at home.

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