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Many people wonder if Kratom is a drug. Or will this drug, on the contrary, become a cure for addiction? Such questions began to be asked by customers after the Kratom ban in some countries and some US states.

Any rule has not yet carried out large-scale studies of Kratom. At the same time, there are many times more positive reviews from buyers than negative ones.

The stories in which patients suffered from the use of a dietary supplement usually had the same scenarios:

How to Choose a Kratom Tablets

  • The patient used drugs and, in addition to them, took Kratom;
  • The user has repeatedly exceeded the recommended dose;
  • The patient has been taking Kratom uncontrollably for a long time, not caring for breaks, and following the doctor’s recommendations.

What problems does Kratom help solve?

Traditionally, Kratom has been used to maintain the body before hard physical work. The alkaloids in the leaves give energy and vigour and also improve mood.

A slightly increased dose of Kratom tablets after a working day helps to relax. The alkaloid mitragynine relaxes the nervous system, helping it regenerate more efficiently.

He is also able to relieve muscle pain and improve sleep quality. Everyone knows that a deeper sleep without awakening contributes to a better body recovery before a new working day.

Kratom spread throughout the world to Southeast Asia. Modern people are increasingly using this option to solve emotional problems. The leaves effectively relieve muscle pain and help:

  • Fitness trainers;
  • Athletes;
  • To builders;
  • Military.

But most of the users are intellectual workers. Mitragynine helps to help the brain work more actively, as well as focus on solving current problems.

Some Kratom species help concentrate on boring and monotonous activities. Other strains, on the contrary, will make you active and capable of multitasking.

They are increasingly resorting to such support:

  • Scientists;
  • students;
  • Logisticians;
  • Managers;
  • Office staff.

Many people ask, are Kratom tablets useful in treating addictions? Its action is similar to that of opiates.

Therefore, people suffering from addiction or withdrawal of opioid drugs can reduce discomfort.

It must be borne in mind that the task is to recover completely and not replace one dependence with another.

To prevent this from happening, strictly observe the dosage and take breaks in treatment courses. Kratom helps to cope with such symptoms of drug withdrawal as:

  • Anxiety for a long period;
  • Fussiness even if you’re in no hurry;
  • Insomnia which lasts more than a month;
  • Regular and strong mood swings;
  • Apathy and lack of interest in life.

As soon as the patient felt relieved, he should take a break or completely abandon any stimulants. Kratom tablets can be used as a substitute for alcohol.

It raises the mood and creates a feeling of relaxation and high spirits. Such drinks are prepared in specialized bars. But their use should not become a tradition.

In what cases is it better to refuse to take Kratom?

Even though scientists have not conducted large-scale studies, there are some reasonable observations.

People suffering from chronic diseases and regularly taking medications need to consult a doctor before taking Kratom.

It would be best if you also were careful in patients with mental disorders. Kratom can help cope with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other complications.

But this is true if the person is still able to control his actions. Patients with schizophrenia or panic attacks should not take any supplements without consulting a doctor.

Additional stimulation of the nervous system can lead to the worsening of symptoms. Also, do not recommend taking Kratom during pregnancy and lactation.

No studies confirm that there will be negative consequences. But there are also no studies that could fully confirm the safety of carrying a pregnancy and a baby.

We, as a responsible company, provide customers with a full consultation. Therefore, we are obliged to warn of possible risks.

Is Kratom dangerous?

The US government has allocated $ 3.5 million to the University of Florida for large-scale and comprehensive research by Kratom.

Current knowledge about this drug is based on previous experience and statistics. Nevertheless, there is enough data to conclude the benefits of the tool and the minimum risks.

For comparison, you can give an example with the use of opiates (including legal drugs sold by prescription in pharmacies):

  • In one year, 47,600 people died from opiate overdose in the United States;
  • From an overdose of Kratom in the same year, 91 deaths occurred.

The risk of getting side effects from Kratom is comparable to getting a food allergy or an allergy to a regular medicine prescribed by your doctor.

In this case, you should always remember precautions. It would be best if you started taking a new drug with minimal dosages.

It is also necessary to take regular breaks if you intend to make a dietary supplement for a long time. Experienced users are advised to resort to Kratom if necessary, that is, from case to case.

We understand that with chronic pain or sleep problems, this is more difficult. But the patient can control his sensations.

If you feel that today you can cope without outside support, it’s time to pause.


It doesn’t matter if you are an active consumer of Kratom or want to try your hand at sales. In any case, you should find a responsible supplier.

Good Kratom is grown in Borneo, Bali, and other regions of Southeast Asia. If you want to take Kratom tablets rationally, you need to learn more about their varieties.

You also need to understand the veins if you’re going to help other people find their perfect Kratom. You can learn more information from trusted suppliers and sellers.

For example, you will find many useful articles at

Our specialists have direct contact with Kratom farmers who grow and collect leaves. In addition to standard Kratom tablets, you can try the drug in the form of a powder, leaves, or liquid concentrate.

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