Right Coffee Table

A coffee table has a lot of purpose and function. It holds magazines, drinks, books, food, and you can even play board games on it.

You can also relax and put your feet up on it, or it can be excellent support for your kid who loves to do artworks.

There are a few things to remember when you’re choosing your coffee table. The first thing that you must consider is to think about how you would like it to function or what your room is missing.

8 Ways To Choose The Right Coffee Table

Here are some tips and ideas for choosing the best coffee table for your house.

#1. Decide If You Even Need or Want One

Do you need a coffee table to put some stuff down while you are sitting in front of the TV with friends? Or, does your room feel excessively open or empty without it?

Is your space too much occupied and you don’t need one? It would help if you always decided whether you want or need to have a coffee table before buying one.

coffee table decor ideas

#2. Find the Right Location

Always select the place or the area where you wish to put your coffee table. It will also help if you simplify the procedure of selection of the perfect coffee table.

For instance, if you put a coffee table in your kid’s room, the design should also be modern and serve as a work area.

On the other hand, a coffee table placed in front of your space should always complement your stylistic theme or decor.

#3. Choose the Perfect Style for You

Of course, you have to choose the right style for your coffee table. The style should always reflect the style of your room and the type of your furniture.

If you wish to choose a traditional style, try to select a coffee table made from wood, veneer, brass, or hardwood solid. The contemporary style of coffee tables is the ones made of metal, glass, stone or leather.

#4. Pick a Material That Will Work for Your Lifestyle

Right Coffee TableTry not to pick a wood surface that requires coasters if you’re not a coaster client.

Try not to get a glass table if you have a kid that likes to kick out and jumps off the seating.

Pick a material that won’t just supplement your current furniture.

Make sure that it will also work with how you will treat the items.

#5. Look at Your Surrounding Furniture

Always choose what colours, lines, and shapes you usually love. If you like clean lines, smooth and a simple rectangle, select what is best for you.

If you love natural edges, a slab with unfinished wood and metal feet may complete your space.

#6. Size Matter

The size and measure of your coffee table matters.

The standard length of coffee tables is between fifteen to eighteen inches, and your coffee table should always be in the same range and height or maybe a couple of inches lower than the sofa.

#7. The Shape

The shape of your coffee table reflects the look of your personality. The typical forms are oval, square, rectangle or round.

An oval and round coffee table is perfect for scattered and sectional seating. A square and rectangular shape of a coffee table are also ideal for an L-shaped room.

#8. Always Be Mindful of The Color

Once you already decided on your desired shape, you also have to choose the colour you want to use. Who should pick your shading accordingly with a combination of your seating and the stylistic theme of your room?

If you have some problem choosing the right coffee table for your home, don’t hesitate to ask for help from an expert, or you can always research online.


One of the most important tips when purchasing a coffee table is to ensure that the table works perfectly for your space. Regarding the selection of the best coffee table, there is always a procedure and process in choosing the right coffee table for your home.

We cannot deny that a coffee table is one of the essential furniture for your house, and by following all these tips and ideas, you can now choose the right coffee table for your home.

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