White Luxury Bath Towel

Bath towels might be one of the most used items in your home. Towels help us stay clean, dry us away, enhance the beauty of our bathrooms and wipe off any dirt.

But despite their versatility, towels are not appreciated enough. Most people do not put much thought into what towels they buy.

Visit towel stores, and you will find hordes of customers confused by the vast array of options when it comes to towels. As a result, most will make un-informed choices.

Factors to Choose White Luxury Bath Towels

#1. Fabric

All towels come in various fabric weights measured with GSM (Grams per square meter). This refers to the fabric’s density utilized for making the towel.

Towels with low GSM are thinner and lighter, making them an ideal choice for trips to the gym or the beach. You will do well by keeping the thicker, heavier, higher GSM towels in the guest or master bathroom.

Most towels are made of fabric, but its feel and look mainly on cotton used. Standard cotton is used to make towels that are priced and designed for daily use. Egyptian cotton is the star material for towels.

Such costly towels have more fibrous, longer threads and feature more loops per inch that suck the moisture.

These super-fluffy, ultra-soft towels used in high-end hotels and spas are mostly made of Egyptian cotton and the American type, known as Pima cotton, which provides a similar feel and looks of luxury.

#2. Absorbency

It is one of the crucial factors while buying a towel. A good towel is absorbent, soft and thick- it must dry you totally when you step out of the shower or bathtub. Absorbency depends on the way that the fabric is made.

Every cotton towel is made of loops within the weave. It is these loops that permit the towel to absorb water. Several loops determine the drying ability, and more loops imply more absorbency.

Towels made of thick yarn are highly absorbent. Absorbency also depends on the twisting of the loop. “Zero twist” towels are very soft to touch, while “soft twist” towels are more durable.

The most absorbent towel is made of Egyptian cotton. Its threads are thick and long. On the other hand, it is very dense, making for a plush, absorbent towel.

Egyptian cotton towels can last long by proper washing. A little rayon content can also add to the quality of a cotton towel.

#3. Size

Bath towels come in a range of sizes which you may want to evaluate before making a purchase. The standard version of a bath towel for drying off after a bath or shower measures 27” to 52”.

A bath sheet is a bit larger at 35”X60”. This bath sheet provides you more coverage and can be used to wrap yourself. If you are on the lookout for small towels, hand towels measure 16” x 30” white square pieces of washcloths are 13” x 13”.

#4. Time to Dry

Thin towels dry fast and are quickly air-dried. Plush, thick towels take a long time to dry completely.

If you live in a humid area, you must note that thicker towels will stay wet for a more extended period. These are some criteria according to which you will choose your bath towels.

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