With an ever-expanding electronics industry, wires and cables manufacturing has also gained importance. The technology has come a long way with better components now available. Today we have wires and cables that fit every requirements. One of the biggest demands comes from the growing telecommunications and computing industries.

Although there are some big names, the industry is dominated by the SME sector with a number of industries competing for a share of the pie. Today we also have a number of wires and cables exporters, thanks to the rising demands in the international market. Low cost of manufacturing in India, coupled with a competent manufacturing sector has given Indian companies an edge in the global arena.

However, selecting the right exporter must also be undertaken carefully. Given the high tech and high revenue nature of the electronics industry, the importance of the component industry also becomes important. Hence, it is also important that we pay attention to how we select a suitable exporter. The way to look for the right exporter is as follows:

Do a thorough search:
Like every business decision, this one also starts with a thorough research. Fortunately, we have many avenues for this today, from business directories to inline searches and forums. You must also ask around in your peer group and business acquaintances. A personal recommendation is always more reliable. Once you have a shortlist, check their websites or their prospectus. The website will also give you a detailed look at the business. You can check the complete product lists, certification and so on. This is your first research into the business and so you must go through this thoroughly.

Decide on the function:
The selection of the wire or cable will ultimately depend on the function it performs. This will decide the component, insulation, conducting material, voltage requirement and stranding. The function will also decide the amount of voltage that must be carried, its location and so on. Once you know the function, you can narrow down the kind of cables or wires you need. This will further decide the wires and cables exporters you are looking for.

The installation environment will decide the kind of cable you will need and its supplier. For instance, outdoor cables may require special insulation. You may also need racks and pipes in such cases.

Availability of components:
Cable installation often requires a host of other components, such as pipes, grommets, organizers, racks, plugs and so on. The specialization of the electrical industry has meant there is an increasing specialization in components such as wires and other attachments. To make matters complicated, the cables themselves have specialized requirements where one type of cable will work only with a particular type of component.

Hence, it is always a good idea to select a wires and cables exporters who also stock components that will be required later on. This saves you the time and energy of looking for separate vendors for each component. With a package deal, you may even find this a more economical option. In addition, when buying from the same manufacturer, you are also assured of the right size and fit. This can be critical in the integrity of the final assembly.

Although there are simply too many wires and cables to usually require customization, the product of your choice may still require some special components. For instance, when installing in hostile environments, we may need the additional insulation. This can also be a requirement when exporting products to a different country where the standards and norms are different. In this case, you may not find what you are looking for off the rack. Customization becomes a necessity in such cases.

This is one of the most important criterion. Since, you cannot ascertain the quality of each cable on your own, ask for certifications. The manufacturing company must abide by the applicable standards and certificates, such as ISO standards. In case your products are to be exported, this becomes a necessity, since the products and the cables must comply with certain given standards.

Selecting the right wires and cables exporters is critical in ensuring the reliability of the finished product. Even a slight variation in size and insulation can prove disastrous.

Hence, you must decide your own requirements, check the availability of components and the required certification of the supplier.

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