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The walls in your premises are covered with wallpapers. Is it more modern than painting, or is it, perhaps, more convenient for maintenance? Here the luxury homes Toronto know what is right for their clients.

There are different types of modern wall coverings of different textures and materials, although they look like wallpaper on the technology of making them. They are more practical, but they also give the space a certain atmosphere, soul, warmth, which does not provide the painted wall.

How To Decorate Very Small Living Room

Small Rooms Decoration Ideas

Apart from the wallpaper, you also have a plastic wall. What is that?

These are polyurethane additives, but they look like they are made of plaster. They are very solid, there are different profiles, like battens for joining walls and ceilings, just for walls … for everything that once used gypsum, which is it’s softer, it does not last long, it’s rotting, while wall-plastic, so indestructible, it can be washed, painted, and it has beautiful profiles. It’s now modern, but it’s not a trend that goes through.

We would say that it fits well with both modern and stylish furniture?

Yes, it is a great decoration for a space that is a mixture of classic and modern elements, for a space that will not be out of fashion in a few years.

Curtains, if the right choice is made, can greatly enhance the warm interior, so it is completely wrong from you to believe that they are not modern. They are always necessary if you want the space in which you live or work to be reputed, exclusive.

Does that all apply to small rooms? For example, do not the curtains make the place look smaller?

They will not have that effect, if you choose adequate. There are curtains of light, airy materials, light colors and patterns that are ideal for a small space and give it a more luxurious look.

And draperies in a small room?

Yes, the draperies are also great, but they must not be heavy, bulky, striking, but with color and texture that goes well with the walls. Draperies are a great decoration and addition to every room; they make it more luxurious and rich. It all depends on the effect that you want to achieve with these simple additions.

But if you are not sure whether or not they will fit, make sure you call professionals and ask for their help. If you do not like their choice, which cannot always be so good, do not be afraid to tell them to stop because you do not like It. Let them rearrange things according to your taste.

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