decorate your house

Pottery is an inexpensive way of elevating your house’s beauty. Pieces of pottery are very economical to buy, they are beautiful and will certainly up the coolness factor of the interiors and they can be bought anywhere. Since ancient times, pottery has played an important role in the existence of mankind. Earlier they were used to cook food and store items. But over time, as man developed techniques to beautify the plain old pots, they are being used as decorative items. A simple, colorful pot with fresh flowers will be better than any shiny metal vase.

Here are some ways in which the pots can be used inside your house for decorative purpose –

Planted pots

Nothing can be as lively and fresh as a potted plant inside the house. It adds life to a dull corner. It is also the best way to add a little color to a boring room. Use terracotta pots or glazed and coloured pots. Let the colours of the pot match with your room colour scheme. It will do wonders for the basic decor. Pick large pots that will help the plants grow easily.

As a vase

Tall pots that cannot be used to grow plants in, can be used as vases. They can be placed at the corners of room, or on tables. All you will have to do is add fresh flowers. The pot will brighten up the entire room. Colourful flowers must be used inside these pots. The pots can be plain or coloured, it doesn’t actually matter unless they hold vibrant coloured flowers. You can get bright coloured pots everywhere. in fact, you can buy Jaipur blue pottery online.

Colored pots in groups

Sometimes, the pots do not have to hold anything. They not necessarily have to be functional. All they have to do is sit in groups, and they will look attractive. Especially when you put up four to five same colored pots in groups, they will look absolutely interesting. Deep blue, pink or green coloured pots will look stunning on book shelves, table tops or a credenza. It almost looks like a collectors prized possession and will certainly attract many people’s attention. Put them up in a place with a light background, preferably white. This will make them standout.

Mix and match

If you have a fire place or a similar display area, you can put up all your pots in a random manner. They do not have to match in shape or size. All you have to do is arrange them in a natural way. They will give a certain rustic, yet warm feeling. The pots will certainly be appreciated. And if the guests appreciate the pots, they can be given as gifts along with a note. You can buy handmade cards to go with the pots.

You can get pots in all shapes, sizes and designs. According to the pots you have, and the décor theme of your room, you can use them in various ways. Fresh pots with fresh flowers is what your boring, regular home décor needs to face lift your rooms look. It is certainly the best design accessory for your house.