How to Download Music From SoundCloud
How to Download Music From SoundCloud

Sometimes, people don’t have an internet connection, and it will be hard for them to stream on SoundCloud, but you don’t have to worry because you can Download Music From SoundCloud. There are alternatives for that.

Music can calm our minds, boost our energy, and excites us. It can relax people if they are troubled, and you can do your tasks with enjoyment if you listen to music.

Aside from this article, you can also visit other ways to download music from SoundCloud. So here’s how to download SoundCloud music using your PC.

6 Steps To Download Music From SoundCloud Using PC

Download Music From SoundCloud
Download Music From SoundCloud

#1: Choose The Converter or Music Downloader That You Prefer

The first step would be choosing the tool you will use for downloading. It’s a crucial step to consider because there are multiple downloaders that people can use. But in this process, you need to pick KlickAud.

KlickAud is a tool that allows users to convert their audio files into MP3. They do not need any other plugins, java, or software; users can easily convert their files to MP3.

After choosing the converter that they want, users can begin finding their favourite songs.

#2: Copy the Link Address of the Music Tracks from SoundCloud

One of the most vital parts of the process is copying the correct link address of the song you want. To gather the link address or URL of the SoundCloud music, on the music title, right-click on it.

Then select the “Copy the Link Address,” or users can start their music in another tab and copy its link address that they can find in the browser’s address bar.

#3: Start Downloading The SoundCloud MP3 Track

After that second step, proceed to KlickAud. Next, you need to paste the link address that you copy in the blank space. After that, press its “Download” button, then proceed with the downloading tracks from SoundCloud.

#4: Press Download and Open on the Next Tab

In the fourth step, the downloader from SoundCloud will extract the track for users. The process will redirect them to the next tab. Press the “Download” button to go to downloading music from SoundCloud.

From that point, users can also view the file size of the track they will download. Then right-press the button and press “Save Link As” to download the music.

#5: Download More Music

Users can download more audio or tracks on that same page tab by selecting the “Download Another Track” button. And then, they can do the same process of downloading tracks from SoundCloud if they want to download more music.

#6: Enjoy Listening to The Songs That You Downloaded From SoundCloud

After you download your choice of songs, which will add the files to the Downloads folder directly, if users want to transfer their MP3 data to other MP3 devices, they only need to drag those files from the Downloads folder on their computer.

After that, pull out your favourite headset and enjoy listening to your music.

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If you fancy any songs from SoundCloud, listening to those songs is much more comfortable even if you don’t have an internet connection. People only need to follow the steps mentioned in this article and enjoy listening to their favourite songs.

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