How To Download Your Favorite Youtube Music
How To Download Your Favorite Youtube Music

Having music alongside anywhere we go probably is one of the best feelings that anyone could have. People have different reasons for carrying their music wherever they go.

For some, to save them from boredom and for others, to add a little splash of color to their day. All they need is an internet connection and a streaming service.

However, there is a way to enjoy listening to all your favorite songs without using the internet. You can download music on Youtube for free, and you can listen to them offline.

How To Download Youtube Music

If you want to do so, here are three downloaders you can use to download all of the songs that you wish to from Youtube.

Download Your Favorite Youtube Music

Freemake’s Youtube to MP3 Boom

Freemake’s video converter is one of the best software that you could use to download music from youtube. The software has over 83 million users due to the fact that it is a reliable service.

This software is available to both Windows and Mac, and it is absolutely free for anyone to use. Here is how you can use it. To start using the software, go to Freemake Website to download and install the software. Once its done, launch the software and open youtube.

Find the video that you want to download and copy the video link. Go back to the software and paste the link on the “Paste URL” button. Wait for the file to download and save it to your library.

YtMp3 MP3 Converter

One of the most popular video converters that you will find today is the YtMp3. The converter allows you to download Youtube music for free. The converter only allows you to convert Youtube videos that are 1-hour long.

You are also given two formats to choose from, MP4 and MP3. Here are the steps to downloading music using YtMp3. First, start by choosing a video from Youtube and copy the link.

After that, go to the YtMp3 website and paste the link you have copied on the space provided. Choose the format you want for your music and click “Convert”. Once that is done, download the file and enjoy your music.


GenYouTube is the perfect downloader for beginners. It is free, and GenYouTube gives its user 55 different video formats to choose from, such as FLV, MP3, MP4, and many more.

What makes this downloader so good is that it allows you to download videos in HD or SD video quality. Here are the steps on how to use GenYouTube.

Open the videos that you want to download on Youtube. Then, copy the link of the video that you want to download first and go to GenYouTube’s website. Paste the copied link on the search bar at the top of the page.

After that, click the “Go” button and it should start downloading your video.

Another way of downloading videos is by putting the word “gen” directly on the Youtube video link. If you did that correctly, the link should look like this – Click “Generate Download Links” and choose one.


The downloaders that were mentioned above are only some of the best downloaders that you can use. Most of them are free, so you don’t have to spend some cash to get all of the songs that you like. Try these downloaders out and see which one works best for you.

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