How To Gift Underwear

You want to give someone underwear as a gift, but you don’t want it to be weird. Now you are scouring the internet for answers. Look no further. Underwear can mean many things to many people. Make sure you get it right, or you may end up kicked out of the bar mitzvah.

Keep It Funny or Functional

If you aren’t in the market for lingerie for a special someone, your underwear gift needs to be kept practical. If it’s not practical, it better be humorous. Otherwise, the message may be received poorly. One example of a great combination of both is pouch underwear. It’s the perfect gift for those men in your life that are hard to shop for. Go ahead, buy those undies for those radical individuals in your life that you are certain have male parts. Men’s underwear with ball-cradling support is surprisingly comfortable, so just be prepared to have the recipient thanking you months later.

Know the Appropriate Times

If one thing is for certain, there are appropriate and inappropriate times to gift underwear. Some of the right times include:

  • Gag gifts
  • Intimate times
  • Happy celebrations
  • Age-appropriate events
  • Anonymous gifting parties

White Elephant gift exchanges just might be the perfect answer to your drawer dilemma. Gift-buyers remain anonymous, and you can test the waters by gauging the reaction of whoever is lucky enough to win the panty prize. If they react badly, just keep up your poker face, Lady Gaga.

Gift It to the Right People

You’ve narrowed down the event at which you will present the undergarments. Now, who is the lucky person? Hopefully, you’ve given this some forethought. It is possible, however, that you just saw a really rad pair of pouch undies that cannot not be gifted to someone. In any case, read on to make sure your recipient falls under the umbrella of “the right people to gift underwear to”.

  • Your own children (may also include socks)
  • Family members or friends with a good sense of humor
  • Your significant other, spouse, partner, or otherwise close “friend”

If it’s lingerie, it’s a completely different ballgame. Have you discussed an intimate relationship with this person, in detail? If not, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate your thought process. If so, tread carefully. The wrong size or color could spell disaster. Be a good significant other and take note of any insecurities they have before buying them the bondage set in the sex shop window. If that’s what they’re into, then you’re golden, Ponyboy. Also, take note of the people not on this list, like your boss or no-nonsense in-laws.

Consider Donating the New Knickers

You don’t have to get all sappy, but a quick donation to a local shelter in need could do your karma some good. When is the last time you felt good about yourself? If you can’t remember, donating is a fun way to up your self-love game. In the process, you’re helping others out. It’s a win-win situation.

Seriously, shelters all over the place are in need of new, unopened underwear. Why not get some that put a smile on someone’s face at the same time? Everyone needs some under-the-pants clothing protection from skid marks, accidents, and other general misgivings of the nether regions. If it’s super practical, funny, or good-quality, that’s even better. Search your area for shelters in need, and it’s almost guaranteed that they will accept new, unused (emphasis on the “unused” part) underwear.

Whether you’re gifting undies to your kids in a care package for college, wrapping up some steamy lingerie after a long day of sexting with your partner, or donating some rad undies to those in need, you’re now prepared to go out into the world with your newly acquired underwear-gifting knowledge. You never thought you’d need that, but here you are! Remember, it’s only weird if you make it weird.

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