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Now- a- days, due to an upsurging customer base, the queries and complaints have also increased.  This has resulted in an evident increase in the demand for inbound call centres services as well. Moreover, for the companies, each customer is a quintessential element that can contribute to their growth and success. As a result of this, every company is always in the search of hiring call centres that can help them handle every kind of customer complaint and inquisition.

Due to this very reason, they look for hiring a call centre which can turn even the angriest customer into a happy and satiated one. Nevertheless, the fact that skilled and well-honed employees are the most basic constituents of the best call centres is known to all. Thus, every customer service agent to make their call centre stay ahead of their competitors must polish certain skills and tactics of handling inbound calls.

How To Handle Inbound Call Complaints

Inbound Call Complaints

Therefore, this article is for the employees of inbound call centres, as here, we have constituted some of the best tips that they must follow while handling calls.

#1. Communicate personally with the customer
Many companies have automated voice systems installed and they use the same to resolve customer complaints. However, it is quite obvious that this makes the customer feel unimportant and all the more infuriated. So, whenever customers have a complaint, a live agent talking to them makes more sense than the former.

Apart from this, even if the customer has not initiated the call and has directly sent an email or has shared a post on social media, contacting them personally over the phone and solving their problem thereafter will make them happy. Not only will this contribute to the goodwill of the company that the agent has called on behalf of, but also a delighted customer who will recommend the company by praising the services of the company.

#2. Take quick action on the feedback
There is no point in attending a call and listen to the complaint of the customer if one is not able to resolve the complaint efficiently. If the agent will calm the anger of the customer during the call but will not take any action soon or as he has promised them then the customers will get all the more furious and unsatisfied with the services of the company. This will make the customer switch to some other competitor. Hence, while handling calls the agents should clearly state the steps that will be taken to resolve their problem and the time that will be taken from the company’s end to resolve the same.

#3. Apologize humbly for the inconvenience
Quite often the customers shout unnecessarily and are not even ready to listen what the agent can do to resolve their problem. In such situations, a customer service agent of every inbound call center should speak very calmly and softly as this will serve as an added advantage for them while acknowledging the dissatisfaction of the customer.  Always remember, that the customer has the right to be angry, by apologizing for the same, agents will ease up the process of complaint handling instantly.

#4. Apprehend customer complaints correctly
Understanding the reason for customer’s dissatisfaction is one of the basic things that agents need to abide by if they want to ensure a good experience for their customers. Many times they will realize that the customer they are talking to is not able to clearly state his problem or is telling them whole of the story instead of briefly stating the problem. In that case, agents should ask some close-ended questions after getting a hold on the crux of what their sentences are revolving around. This will help the agents to understand the problem of the customer more quickly which in turn will help the agent to propose the best solution to their problem.

Apart from all of the foretold tips, the agents should learn to take complaints positively and should work on honing their skill of determining the customer’s expectation so that they can manage their expectations in a better way.

Furthermore, the agents of excellent inbound call centres should always be ready with support networks for resolving the complaints as soon as they can.