How To Host Events At Home

In this digital world, everyone are in contact with each other in social media sites. While in older days they used to meet each other often but now with the schedules people have it’s more convenient to chat/video call through social media, and now they want to about How To Host Events At Home.

As everyone knows, India is known for the long lasting relations with their family compared to any other country. But even in India people are now getting addicted to social media and forgetting the value of their culture.

My view is why can’t we build our relations again? We can start hosting events for small things like birthday, promotion, anniversaries, so on.

There are so many small events which occur but are left un-celebrated or celebrated only within 3-4 members of the family.

How To Host Events At Home

Only when you share your small joys together, you can expect your family to be there in your difficult times. Hence I am here to help you host small events to share your joy with your family.

In India a family tree at-least has more than 20 members in it. When this is the case you can easily arrange an event at your home which doesn’t need much of your time or the money spent on it is more.

Since it’s a family you can share the works and everyone will be spending very little of their money.

Let me give you an example, when its new year instead of celebrating it in places filled with strangers or partying in the crowd which can be done any time we can celebrate it with our whole family. Let me give you an idea:

You can celebrate each joys in different members house. So for new year if you pick your house you will be taking the responsibility of arranging it. Now after this, make a list of what all you want to do.

On 31st December if everyone reaches home by evening you need to plan dinner and then at 12 you need cake and then some activities to pass your time and arrange for all the family members to sleep.

For this you need to have the correct count of your family members. Later you should make a list of dishes you want to prepare for that night and then can be distributed to each family so that their is equal contribution.

Order a cake well in advance, ask any suggestions for the same from everyone and choose the best one. It can be a customized cake or ice cream cake or pastries or a normal one. You can also choose if you want the cake delivery done or you choose to go get it yourself.

Later you need to think of the next day, as everyone has slept late most of them will get up late so a light breakfast can be prepared and then afternoon you can opt for non-veg if your non-vegetarians or veg if your vegetarians.

And order veg or non-veg catering as you have had home food the previous day and it’s the 1st day of the year so have a little rest and order it from a restaurant or from catering services. This can be easily chosen through everyone’s suggestion.

Now coming to the execution part, after parting the works and when the day arrives you need to greet everyone and arrange a few drinks and have a talk.

Later keep ready all materials required to have dinner and then comes the activities which includes some small games for children and adults till 12, so wish each other cut the cake have some chips or sides which can go with it.

Have a good night sleep and the next morning prepare a light breakfast and keep in touch with caterer or plan the restaurant and order it by 1 or 2 in the afternoon and have it peacefully and till then again have little talks share any of your joys or problems.

After lunch take a little rest and play some games and later you can wave goodbyes and clean your home and sleep and go back to your regular schedules.

See here there is not even a single activity which includes social media. This shows you can live without social media, try to get addicted to your family instead of getting addicted to electronic gadgets. Family will not only share your joys but also your sorrows.

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