Increase Water Pressure
Increase Water Pressure

Plumbing can seem like a straightforward issue. After all, you only have to connect a few pipes and make sure they don’t leak.

Unfortunately, leaks are common and can be costly, they can also damage wood structures in your home and create nasty stains that need to be repaired. In addition, metal pipes need to be earthed.

The simple truth is that it’s not as straightforward as it seems and that’s why you should call a reputable Sydney plumber to deal with any issue for you.

When it comes to water pressure there are actually several reasons why the pressure may be low, your plumber can look at them all for you and help to rectify the issue.

Before you try increasing the water pressure you need to understand what may be causing the issue. That means considering when the pressure changed, it will help you to identify if the issue has always been a problem or if it is something that has happened more recently.

You also need to look for a water pressure regulator, this is usually fitted to reduce the flow. However, if the pressure change is recent you shouldn’t adjust this until you know what has caused the low water pressure.


If you have a water leak then your water pressure will never be as high as it should or could be. Increasing the pressure at the regulator may solve the issue temporarily but you’ll also be wasting more water through your leak.

The best idea is to shut all water appliances off and take a meter reading. Take another meter reading an hour later if it’s changed you probably have a leak.

Fixing the leak will resolve the pressure issue.


Clogged pipes narrow the space for water to travel through. As water is traveling at a constant velocity narrowing the pipes doesn’t increase the water pressure, it simply reduces the flow.

The more clogged the pipes the lower the flow and the bigger the issue for you.

In most cases, clogged pipes are due to debris build-up inside the pipes. This is normal over time and will probably warrant replacing the affected pipes.

Water Board

You should also verify that the water board have not been working in the area and have done something to affect the pressure. This is especially likely if the pressure has suddenly dropped.

If the water board has adjusted the pressure you’ll need to find out why and if they are likely to return it to what you consider to be normal.

Pressure Booster

If none of the above seem to be an issue then you may simply have low water pressure. The simplest way to resolve this issue is to get a pressure booster and fit it to your water supply line. You may wish to get a professional to do this for you.

The pressure booster allows you to turn the water pressure up, effectively sucking water through the pipes and pumping it into your house.

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