DemoCreator Screen Recorder

A screen recorder allows you to record what is being projected on your computer and saves it as video. Wondershare DemoCreator Screen Recorder is one of the computer screen recorder and video editor you can use.

You can use this software to convert your educational content into videos. You can also record your voice on the video. Therefore, you will be in a position to explain to individuals points as the presentation plays in form of the recorded video.

Screen recorders can capture any learning material being projected on your computer. You can click here to download DemoCreator, simply open the application and click on the new recording.

There are also video editing features you can use to make the recorded video appear professional.

DemoCreator Screen Recorder to Make Educational Content

Annotation is one of the editing features you can emphasize on a point when someone is going through your video.

The Introduction to WondershareDemoCreator

Are you looking for a powerful and easy to use screen recorder for both professional and personal use? If yes, DemoCreator screen recorder should be your first choice. This software has an easy to use a feature that favors first-time users.

WondershareDemoCreator also has video editing features that will help you attain quality video after recording a video. There are a variety of editing features to choose from.

This software also maintains the high quality of the recorded video. Therefore, you can comfortably share the video once it’s ready for use. Wondershare also allows you to choose the section of the screen to record.

It can be the entire screen or a fraction of it. Simply highlight the area of the screen you want to record.

You can also make drawings on what is being recorded without having to pause what is being projected on the screen. WondershareDemoCreator’s entire interface is well elaborated making it easy for everyone to use the software.

Introduction to WondershareDemoCreator

The Advantages of using a screen recorder and video editor

There are plenty of reasons why you should use a screen recorder over a physical camera to record what is being projected on your computer’s screen. Below are some advantages attributed to a screen recorder:

#1. Easy to use

WondershareDemoCreatorScreen recorder and video editor software have an easy to use interface. A large fraction of individuals finds it easy to use this screen recorder.

Consider reading out a manual guide on how to use this screen recorder before using it. You will also notice the entire interface easy to use. This ranges screen recording to video editing.

#2. Stable when recording

This screen recorder and video editor is stable throughout the recording process. Simply choose if you want to record the entire screen projection or a fraction of it. Afterward, click on the recording button. The screen recording will be smooth until you end the session.

#3. Access to different video editing functions

Generally, DemoCreator has two interfaces when you launch the software on your PC. It can be screen recording or accessing a video editor. The video editor has different tools to choose from. Simply scroll on the left side of the software and choose the tool you intend on using.

#4. Uploading directly to YouTube

This software allows you to upload your edited video directly from the platform to YouTube if you have a channel. This saves you the stress and time used in uploading videos.

Features of WondershareDemoCreator

There are different features you can access when you download WondershareDemoCreator on your computer. These features are what have made WondershareDemoCreator a top screen recorder. Here are some features of this software that make it amazing:

#1. Screen drawing tool

WondershareDemoCreator allows you to add texts or drawings to what is being recorded. Impressively, you don’t have to pause what is being recorded. Open the application and click on the new recording. Afterward, activate the screen drawing tool.

Features of WondershareDemoCreator

#2. Real-time text when recording

Users can add annotation when recording, add a pen and adjust the width of the pen, add a circle, rectangle to the part they want to mark. In the latest Version 4.5, DemoCreator supports adding text directly when recording. It is very efficient for educational videos.

Real-time text when recording

#3. The use of mouse spotlight

This tool has a mouse spotlight feature which you can use to emphasize a point. Simply click on the new recording then activate the screen drawing tool. Proceed and highlight the mouse cursor. Mostly, it is used to create emphasize a point that is being projected on the screen.

The use of mouse spotlight

#4. Zoom &Pan feature

It is one of the effects found in the video editor section. It allows you to choose a particular part of the video to apply the effect.

Zoom & Pan feature

#5. Audio Fade in/out feature

You can use the WondershareDemoCreatorvideo editor to control the audio being projected on the recorded screen projection video. Highlight your video and a projection will pop up on the right side of the. Afterward, choose the audio fade in or out you want.

#6. Animation, dynamic stickers, and cursor effects

WondershareDemoCreator had advanced features that help come up with quality videos after editing. Animation, cursor effects, and dynamic stickers are examples.

Green screen effect and other templates

#7. Green screen effect and other templates

The green screen effect is found in the video editor section. It is used to change the background of a section or entire video. Other editing effects can be found on the same template as the green-screen effect.


Based on the above information, it’s evident that WondershareDemoCreator is a top-notch screen recorder. Additionally, it also has video editing features that help individuals come up with quality videos that can be shared across different platforms.

Video: DemoCreator Screen Recorder Review

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