How To Make Fruit Juice

Making a fruit juice is much easier than before because of different types of modern technology. You can make fruit juice within few minutes using the best citrus press juicer. This increased the ease of making juice, not only fruit juice, but also vegetable juice as well. But making juice without any electronics is healthier and delicious. This is cost effective as well.

Thus people make juice without juicer and traditionally they are making juice without a juicer for years. So this method is easy and popular to most of the people. If you don’t know how to make juice without a juicer, you must read this post carefully, because we are going to discuss the whole process in this article.

How To Make Fruit Juice

make fruit juice

This will help you learning each and everything about juicing process, and you can make juice on your own. We will list every step to help you understand the process properly.

People are making juice traditionally for years. So most of the people know how to make fruit juice, but we will add few important step here that will make your juicing process much easier.

Both fruit juice and vegetable juice you can make using this process. But making vegetables juice need to be boiled vegetable, as most of the vegetables are hard. However, we are listing few common steps that will ensure making juice effectively.

What Are Some Common Equipment Needed For Making Juice?

  1. Clean Fruit or Vegetable
  2. Ginger, Salt, And Other Tasty Food
  3. Adequate Water
  4. Cheese cutter
  5. Stainer
  6. Bowl or Jug
  7. Long Spoon
  8. Ice cubes etc

Above listed ingredients are necessary to make juice without a juicer. You must arrange these basic juicing materials to make fruit juice for you. Without these basic things, you can make juice properly.

You can add more ingredients to make your juice quickly, but you should not miss any ingredient listed above. This will impact negatively on your juicing process.

Steps To Make Fruit or Vegetable Juice Without Juicer:

Step One:

Before you start making fruit or vegetable juice, you must wash the food properly. If you don’t wash your food, this can impact negatively on your juicing process. Different types of dust and dirt can make your juice spoil.

Another thing I need to mention; you must pick the fresh fruit or vegetable to make juice. If you do not pick fresh fruit or juice, you juice will not be tasty. Fresh juice always produces fresh juice. So you have to pick fresh juice to make juice.

Step Two:

Using cheese slicer, you have to cut your fruit or vegetable in small pieces to ensure better juicing. If you are making vegetable juice or fruit that you can boil, you should boil them properly. When you are choosing fruit like mango, you should pick ripe mango to make juice properly.

If you don’t pick the right type of fruit or vegetable, this will not provide the proper juice. So you must pick the right type of juice in your juicing.

Step Three:

You have to mess your fruit or vegetable using a strainer in a bowl. You should prepare this part very carefully. Because this part ensures proper juicing. If you do not mess your food properly, this will not make your juice good in taste.

Then you need to add ginger and salt in adequate amount. This will help you increase the taste your juice.

Step Four:

Transfer your juice in a jug or jar and mix it carefully. Make sure you followed every single step properly. More you will complete the steps properly; your juice will be much tasty then.

After completing every single step, you have to add ice cubes, and then your juice is ready for drinking. Upon practicing few times, you will easily understand everything without facing any hassle.

Final Words:

Making fruit juice without juicing equipment is not hard, but you need to know the steps properly and follow the steps carefully.

If you don’t know how to make juice without any juicer, you must read this post carefully, and this will help you learn every step properly. You should repeat the process few times to understand the juicing process.

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