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This is new age of Digital Marketing, Where almost everything is online. Online Shopping, Online Job, Online Business, Online Services for Customer Support Service as a part of After Sales Services.

So, basically this age is totally dependable on online activities. It was a time while some fraud online business were cheating to users, but once they came to know that their reputation is spoiled due to cheat, they started delivering best with better services.

This is a world of ultra-connectivity and you are dealing with people who are highly reactive. Perhaps, the chain of human action and reaction is never going to get sidelined.

In fact, the social media and digital marketing are serving as the outlets for the reactionaries. And it is important that you need to be aware of the people’s reactions to your brand on the digital platform.

5 Things Need To Know To Manage Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management

The Brand Vulnerability

No one can be perfect and not everything can be in absolute order because one sale person’s bad mood, one rainy day with lack of staffs can trigger issues that your customers would not like. And they would want to rant, they will and they do.

In fact, your brand reputation can be jeopardized when one single human behind a smartphone decides to take the dissatisfaction to the next level. Do you see how your brand is vulnerable to online reputation onslaughts? Well, you need to be on the toes and keep on boosting your online reputation repair efforts to maintain a better brand image.

The Effects of Reviews

The consumers are looking for customer reviews to make purchase decisions. More than 86% people run an online search before buying product and services, out of which 77% use Google. The study suggests that when a customer sees a negative review he/she is less likely to buy the product.

A positive review puts the brand in a better position. And in this high word-of-mouth centric consumer eco-system, things can go wrong, if you do not know what your consumers are talking about you. And then, of course, there is a conspiracy going on too. Actually, it looks like the scheme of bigger scams to earn money; here is what it is.

The Scheme of Ccams

Looking at the highly reactionary consumer mindset, the complaint sites are mushrooming and making it a business that can earn an insane amount of money. Well, that is obvious; these sites charge money to take off the bad reviews.

Of course, no brand after spending billions of dollars in brand building campaign will ever let its brand go down for one bad review. And that is a weakness. The site like, the, and are the major ones that are operating in the market.

The Challenge

These sites do not care about your concerns. On most of the sites, the customer feedback will remain active even after the person who made the complaint requests them to take off the complaints. Most of the times, it needs court’s intervention. And usually, the process is somehow complicated.

In addition, Google simply loves those bad reviews. It brings it to the forefront without any shyness or reluctance. And that galvanizes the problem.

The Solution

So, is there a way out of this situation? Of course, there is! For instance, when you encounter a bad review on Rip-off report, you need to find a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the site or find a ripoff report removal service provider that can deal with problem intelligently.

You need to be extremely careful about your brand reputation because that is what keeps you afloat in the marketplace.

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