Local Business SEO Tips

Gaining presence and acquiring customers online is a big deal if you’re a small to mid-sized local business. Following a quality strategy can be the deciding factor for those new to online promotion or just starting.

It is possible to gain a lot more exposure, even if you are vying for the top spot with many competitors. If you’re not doing enough to be found, someone else surely is.

Let us look at some of the most relevant methods for local businesses to rank high in 2023.

4 Best Ways To Maximize SEO Results in 2023

Best Ways To Maximize SEO Results

#1. Make your website shine

Almost all local businesses have their dedicated websites now, and some have had them for more than a decade.

Yet, many of these fail to generate any buzz whatsoever. Do not build a website and leave it there. Follow these tips.

  • Quality and simple content are vital for staying relevant.
  • Improve the UI and navigation to improve user experiences.
  • Build mobile-friendly versions of your pages.
  • Use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) codes for faster loading.
  • Always focus on providing the latest updates and news.

#2. Unique & Meaningful Title and Meta Descriptions

If you’ve not gotten anywhere near the expected responses, the problem might lie with your site title and meta descriptions.

In many cases, people are trying too hard, which does not sit well with customers. Some viewpoints regarding these two variables –

  • Simpler titles ensure better reception from audiences.
  • Avoid forcefully placing keywords within the title.
  • Better width of Google’s search results area should be utilized well.
  • Meta descriptions should not be stuffed with keywords.
  • The meta description should be creatively designed for call-to-actions.

#3. Maintain a presence in business directories

Customers trust authority websites/business directories and use them to find information about credible local businesses. This includes sites like Yelp and many other similar ones.

Without listed information regarding your business, there is nothing for customers to find. Let’s see what you can do about this,

  1. Find reputable online business directories, including the most popular ones.
  2. List your basic information, i.e., contact, address and other basic details, and snippets about what you do.
  3. Ensure that the name, address, and phone number listed in one channel matches those in all other channels.

#4. Google My Business First

This is vital for any local business to raise its presence and visibility today. Verified businesses have the opportunity of being listed as one of Google’s local three packs. These are some of the required actions:

  • Visit google.com/business to claim your Google My Business page.
  • You will get a PIN from Google, which is necessary for verification.
  • Add accurate information regarding your categories, description, payment types, business hours, etc.

These are just some of the tried and tested methods that local business marketers can implement for SERP success in 2017. They can help you climb the rank ladders with confidence.

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