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Organize Wedding EventHim getting on his knees and proposing you with a diamond ring under a romantic setup is the first step on your journey towards getting married. But what now? What to do?

How to get everything according to your thoughts? For this, you need to have everything sort out, but you probably are too busy in the thoughts of a perfect wedding.

So, how to decide all the tasks and preparations that need to be done? To make things a bit easier we have made this list which will help you in organizing a fashionable wedding and make sure that everything goes as planned.

And if you are not up to this then you can always hire a wedding planner or event management company to make your special day a memorable feast for you and the guests as well.

Best things you need to have a wonderful wedding event

The Theme

The most important thing is to decide the theme of your wedding. Nowadays there are various options that you can go for like vintage, rustic, destination wedding, or a modern style wedding.

The modern themed weddings are in trend and working on it is much easier that will make your wedding a success. You can explore various options and do experiments in the theme in order to give it your own touch and bring out the liveliness in the whole event.

The wedding dresses of bride and groom should also be as per the theme which will highlight the lovely couple among the rest of the guests.

Wedding Venue

Now that you have a wedding theme in mind, the next important thing is to find a venue that is perfect for the theme you’ve chosen. It’s a perfect opportunity to choose a place that fits your needs.

You can choose a venue in your city or also you can have a destination wedding, it largely depends on your choice for the type of wedding you want to have, whether indoor, outdoor, formal, themed, and casual.

Choose the venue that suits your style and vision, falls under your budget, capacity to accommodate the number of guests, availability at the time decided for the wedding and transportation facility to the venue.

If you’ve done all the above calculations then it’s time to pay visit some of the places to shortlist the ideal place for your special day.

Outfit and Perfect attire for the wedding for the bride & the groom

Choosing the perfect attire for the wedding is the biggest task for the bride & the groom, as they are going to be the center of attraction for all the guests gathered there.

Your wedding outfit must fit the wedding theme, as this will set the tone for the entire event and will make everyone go “wow”. Every bride & groom wish to look their best on the most auspicious day of their lives.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important to select the perfect outfit that goes well with the theme of the wedding. It should not only be beautiful but should also feel comfortable so that you can move around better and not become a ‘mannequin’.

Also, choose the dress color that compliments your skin tone, as the dress highlights your personality.

Flowers To Decorate wedding event venue with freshness

event organization for wedding

Once the wedding venue and theme is decided, it’s time to decide on the decoration and table arrangements. This part also depends on the type of wedding you are planning on having, whether indoor or outdoor. An indoor wedding in a hotel or a ballroom might need fewer flowers and table decor, while an outdoor wedding requires a little more than just a centerpiece. This part is tricky as you also have to decide on the type of flowers and the amount required to decorate the place. You can also take help from a wedding planner who can guide you through the whole process and will suggest you the best options under your budget with their experience.


If you are having a simple modern wedding then you can be flexible with your catering menu. But if you are planning a themed wedding, then the choice of a menu can be somewhat less flexible, however, you can always have the dishes you want as per your needs.

Indian weddings are famous for their exquisite cuisine and provide a lot of options to select from. It can take you days for deciding the menu as it is important to consider the preferences of the family of both the bride & the groom.

Also, to keep everything under budget make sure you have a list of the number of guests and amount per plate you are willing to spend.

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation

A wedding invitation creates the first impression on your guests. Make sure that your wedding invitation is set as per the theme and tone of your wedding.

There are a number of designs and you will have a number of choices to choose from. Try different colors, designs, patterns and styles to make the invitation eye-catchy and as beautiful as possible.

You can check online or nearby wedding planners to get an idea about some of the most trending and popular wedding card templates. Make sure that everything turns out as per your needs and in time for them to be sent out two to three weeks before the special day.

These are some of the most important steps that you should keep in mind in order to organize a fashionable modern styled wedding. If you are in doubt then you can always talk to a talented friend or hire a Jaipur based wedding planner or event organizer who will make sure everything goes right and you can have a wonderful time enjoying yourselves.

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