Skin Care Tips For Holi: How to Protect Yourself from Holi Colours

Must Watch This Video Before Playing Holi. This Video Will Help You To Protect Your Self from Holi Colours, Chemical Colors Allergies and other Skin Problems occurred By Chemical Colors Reaction to Human Body. This Video Will Show You Ways to Protect Yourself from Holi Colours.


Holi is Indian Festival of Colors. People used different types of color to play holi and rub colors to every one, relative, friends and neighbours. Holi is celebrated in India from a long time. Now a days, people has started to play Holi Without Water to Save Water and they use only dry colors like Gulal in different colour.

Different Types of Colors To Celebrate Holi

Some other types of colours are also available in market Like, Gulal made from herbs, Natural Gulal Made from Rose, Natural Gulal Made from Some Plant’s and FLowers. These all colors are good for skin and they don’t harm skin or people don’t get any kind of alergy or reaction with these colours. But some other factory made chemical mixed colours are not good for skin and they can damage your skin, you can be infected with any kind of skin problems, some times you got eatching and may have problems in eyes.

Chemical Colours on Holi

Some chemical colours like tube colour or oil colour in black or silver colour which should not be used by any person to plan and enjoy holi. These kind of chemical colors can get allergy and harm skin. You may get skin etching problem or eye burning problem. Here we are going to share one video to Protect Yourself from Holi Colours. This video will help you to protect your self and your skin of chemical holi colours.

Skin Care Tips For Holi: How to Protect Yourself from Holi Colours 1
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