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As you’re probably aware not all video formats are supported by different devices. In fact at times you may even run into an ‘unsupported format’ error.

One of the best ways to overcome that issue is to convert your video to a format that is supported. But how do you select the right format and then convert your video?

Selecting a Video Format for Different Devices

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Although it is true that the range of formats that are supported by different devices vary from one device to the next – there are a few common formats that are widely-supported. That is why in most cases you should choose one of the following:

  • MP4 with H.264 is the most widely-supported format and is pretty much universally compatible on various devices. It has hardware support on most mobile devices, and so it should not drain your battery too quickly either.
  • MP4 with HEVC (H.265) provides better compression than H.264 – but is not as widely-supported. Newer mobile devices tend to provide hardware support for the format, but older devices may have difficulty viewing it.

Between both these formats you should be able to cater to the majority of devices. At the end of the day if HEVC is supported it may be the better option due to its smaller file size, but if it is not then H.264 is a reliable fallback.

Converting Video Formats

Nowadays there are several different ways that you can convert video formats, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to convert your video into the format you require. Some of the options that you could choose include:

Web-based video converters

Essentially these converters will let you upload video files and convert them into different formats. Overall they are a convenient option if you just want to convert an individual video, but many not be that suitable if you need to convert videos en masse.

On top of that some may have limitations in terms of the number of videos that can be converted, upload file size, and so on. Still if you feel this is the right option you can find a video converter online at this link.

Video converter software

Compared to web-based converters, video converter software tend to have fewer limitations, more features, and generally support more formats too. Some may be capable of batch processing and could even have basic editing tools.

Although there are many converters out there, the scope of their features vary. Additionally some free options may have limitations, and may even watermark the videos that are converted.

It should be noted that technically any other tool that can encode videos could be used to convert video formats – including some media players too.

All said and done however you should be able to see how easy it is to determine the best video format for different devices, then convert your video to it. In fact if you have a few minutes to spare you should give it a try – just so you know what to do in the future.

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