How To Start a Garden

A garden can be anything you want a refuge from the world, a quiet place where you can relax, a playing area for your children or a vegetable growing patch.

In addition to information about how to start a garden, can be immensely satisfying. You can grow plants from scratch and teach your children the everlasting joy of gardening.

But it should be planned properly. A garden of dreams starts with a good plan! First, you have to decide on the plants and structures like a wooden gazebo for the area.

How To Start a Garden

Gardening Tips

#1. Decide what you want

If you have space in your backyard, there are many options open for you. You can have a deck with just a simple garden and a sandpit where your children can play.

You can plant flower beds for your own stunning little flower show, or you can make it party central with a barbecue and plenty of seating. You can also grow your vegetables in a vegetable garden. Make sure that it’s something you want, which makes you happy and fits your family.

You also have to consider the interests of your family members. For instance, if you have small children, you may want a playing area. If there is an elderly member, you may want a spot where they can sit and relax.

Similarly, if you are planning a vegetable garden, make sure that you have the time to nurture it. A garden may have a bit of everything, a place to sit, play, and plants Given space. This is the first stage of the plan to decide the elements you want in your garden.

#2. Map your garden

Mapping the garden helps you to visualize it and mark the space for each element. This is quite useful if you have a big yard. The map will help you later when you are laying out the garden.

We are not talking of some professionally drafted map. Just a rough sketch on paper with the clear marking for separate areas would do. You can refine it later with measurements. Define the garden area and mark the area that will act as a deck.

Add pathways as well. Include all the elements you want, such as a spot for a child’s swing or a place for a wooden gazebo.

#3. Take a call on the plants

Al gardens are not the same. So you have to decide the kind of garden you want — a vegetable garden, flowers or grass with flower beds on the side.

Grow whatever you love. But do decide on the plants. If you are a beginner at gardening, pick something easy to care for. If you plan a long-term project like a tree, think carefully about what you want to plant. Could you include them on the map as well?

When deciding on the plants, a little visualisation can go a long way. Plan where you want your flowers, creepers and hedges. For instance, creepers over a wooden gazebo look beautiful.

Similarly, hedges will typically go to the borders. Make sure there are some evergreens along with seasonal plants. Exotic flowers and vegetables look good but consider native varieties as well.

Native plants are meant to grow in a region and are more in tune with the environment.

#4. Call a gardener

If you are a beginner, it is always best to call an expert. Even if you plan to do it all, a gardener’s advice is important in starting the plot. You will get soil analysis and an idea of the best plants to grow as per the distribution of light and shade.

A gardener will also advise on the seasonal plants you should go for and how to place these out throughout the year. Keeping a gardener on a regular payroll is a good idea for regular cleaning and weeding.

#5. Design the other elements

A garden has many elements other than plants. Once you have planted your garden, move your attention to these elements. You will need a contractor for the deck, pathways and to build a wooden gazebo.

Find an experienced contractor who has experience in working with outdoor layouts. Another matter of importance is the lighting, especially if you plan to do a lot of entertaining.

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