Turn Apartment into Office

Most people prefer to have their business space outside their homes, but due to the costs, many young entrepreneurs start with the idea of working from home.

What are the pros and cons of a home-based business space? If you have just achieved your first customer as a single-person business, you probably have many other issues on your mind than looking for an expensive office to rent with a long-term contract.

Business space is undoubtedly one of the more expensive things for an independent entrepreneur. Many companies don’t need much more than a telephone, computer with internet, a good office chair and maybe a few cups of coffee a day to get started.

Advantages of an office space

For example, the web designer, photographer, or real estate agent can do well in the first months without luxuriously furnished business space. For many entrepreneurs, the available loft room is the ideal place to start businesses.

office space advantages

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Finding your perfect office space has various benefits. The following characteristics are a big plus for many entrepreneurs:

#1. Having the appearance

Your own office and visiting address can give your company a more professional look. In this way, you show that it’s not about a temporary business or a student in the middle but about a company located in an office and therefore radiates more continuity.

#2. Feeling of work

The mental aspect of going to work every day can have a significant impact on your overall business. You go to work in the morning instead of not leaving the house all day.

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#3. Networks

Company spaces are often placed together. Because of this, you sit between companies and, therefore, between potential customers or partners.

You are certainly, renting a space in a multi-company building that is very beneficial for your own profession. If this is your most important consideration, look at a business incubator!

#4. Reachable

A real office suddenly makes your company more accessible to suppliers. Besides, there is a good chance of some catering establishments in the area.

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#5. Separating private and business life

Many entrepreneurs who work from home have difficulty separating work from their private life. By working at the office, the home becomes private again.

#6. Psychology

You may also feel more like an entrepreneur with a business space, and you radiate that too!

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Disadvantages of having a business space outside of your home

There are also reasons you should only rent offices if you are sure about this idea.

#1. Costs

One of the most significant advantages of working from home is that you don’t have to travel much. You have to get out of bed to get started! But when renting a business space, something else comes up: the costs.

If you decide to work from home, there are much fewer costs than renting a business space. You must not only pay the rent but also for travel expenses, electricity costs, an internet connection, a telephone connection, a cleaner, etc.

You don’t have all these extra costs if you work at home.

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#2. Less flexibility

Another reason for not choosing to rent (or buy) a business space is that when working from home, you still maintain your flexibility, at least in terms of working hours.

#3. Contracts

Costs and flexibility could be reasons for not taking up business space for a while. But there are other motives for not doing it. One of these is, for example, when you rent a business space, you are stuck with a contract.

Office design

The critical consideration is the design if you plan to buy or rent your own office space. Do you only start with a desk, chair, and laptop, or do you want to paint all the walls and decorate the meeting room modernly? Don’t underestimate it!