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How To Work as a Digital Nomad?

Being a digital nomad has gained immense popularity in working remotely from anywhere worldwide. However, becoming a successful digital nomad requires hard work, dedication, and strategic planning.

Who are digital nomads? Why can these words now be heard on every corner and we see these people in many coffee shops?

Why is this lifestyle very popular now? And let’s find out who they are, how can you work, and what you need to take into account to succeed.

Digital nomads: an overview

The digital nomad is a specialist working somewhere remotely and traveling at the same time.

It does not matter whether they work permanently in a particular company or take freelance orders. Such people are not tied to a certain location and live the way they want and where they want.

They do not depend on their place of residence at all, they can live at least on the edge of the world, the main thing is that there is the Internet!

They have no obligation to work in an office, instead, these people can afford to sit with a laptop with an ocean view.

How does being a digital nomad feel?

Social media can show the digital nomad’s way of living as beautiful and idyllic, however,  a lot is hidden behind the scenes. It requires time and effort to establish a successful internet career while shifting to nomadism.

To choose your ideal career and workplace, you have to first accumulate money, establish a strong personal brand, and test out several possibilities.

As a result of its erratic and unexpected character, nomadism can occasionally be demanding and isolating. However, after you overcome these obstacles, living a life of liberty and independence may be thrilling and fulfilling.

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How to Become a Successful Digital Nomad? 8 hacks

#1: Obtain digital residency

Digital nomads do not require a fixed address in any particular location. That can make life challenging, particularly as soon as it comes to managing one’s money and business.

A Digital Nomad Visa gives the right to stay in the country and work remotely via the Internet with a foreign employer.

In most cases, visas are issued for 12 months. They can be extended once or several times depending on the country.

A lot of countries now provide such an option. Germany, Georgia, Iceland, Norway – choose any location you like.

For example, the tiny northern European country of Estonia has a creative answer that is particularly well-liked by digital nomads.

Only 1.3 million people live in Estonia, which has the most sophisticated internet infrastructure in the world.

So that you can establish your business and funds there (within the European Union), they now provide e-Residency.

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#2: Create a powerful website

Today, few businesses exist that do not require a website. It is unquestionably a wise decision for a digital nomad.

In the past, creating a website would have required a significant financial investment, strong technical knowledge, and a lot of time. However, you may now create your website for a reasonable price by utilizing several companies.

Add your portfolio, add contact information to be easily reached, and reviews from your previous clients.

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#3: Stay in touch

There are presently very few locations on earth where you cannot maintain constant connectivity. Even trains and airplanes are getting WiFi.

There are now a number of alternatives for others to get in touch with you:

  • Maintaining an inbox might consume a significant amount of time, however, set a particular time, an hour or two to proceed with it. Try to answer emails every day.
  • One of the useful options will be launching an auto-receptionist that will greet the caller and provide all the necessary info. It will help not to lose potential clients for individuals who try to combine work and travel and have a strong desire to grow their businesses at the same time.
  • Do not forget about social connections, and for this, any social interaction needs to be planned. Recorded calls with family, and video meetings with friends. To do this, it is enough to use the usual messengers.

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#4: Obtain insurance

To ensure financial security, either you frequently switch between countries or base in one location for some months at a time, having insurance is critical.

You do not want to be stranded in an emergent situation in a location you do not even know. You can avoid obstacles in your trip by getting travel and healthcare insurance as a security net.

Many insurance providers offer digital nomad-specific plans.

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#5: Acquire foreign clients

You are free to go to any place you choose. Increase your client base by reaping the pluses of this. Instead of focusing just on domestic clients, seek business opportunities around the globe.

You can create a fantastic employment profile and increase your pay by collaborating with clients from anywhere.

You may easily pay for your travel and lodging expenses and perhaps make some savings if you discover clients from wealthier nations.

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#6: Work with other digital nomads

Are you worried about the uncertainty of a digital nomad’s way of life? Having trouble locating freelancing jobs? Concerned about lodging options?

Uncertain of your next base of operations? You can find solutions to all of these issues by networking with other online nomads.

Working with them is usually a smart option, no matter whether you are just starting or already have been traveling for a while.

Through social networking applications, you can contact them. Joining an online world of digital nomads will enable you to talk about your experiences, ask questions, and receive advice.

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#7: Plan your finances and manage your budget

Without this skill, it will be extremely difficult to even start your digital nomad way of living, however, if it works out, then without budget management, such a lifestyle will be short-lived.

Plan finances and manage budget

#8: Manage time and prioritize

Such a life implies an additional personal project or even several to the existing ones – recognition and adaptation to a new place (walking, dating, and language learning).

To comfortably combine work and other projects with this, you have to manage your time and prioritize.

Digital nomads’ planning differs from the usual one because it requires more flexibility and efficiency – most often a soft approach works here.

Periodically you have to enter into your schedule a huge task of planning further movements.

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What types of jobs are available to Digital Nomads?

There are many positions in the remote work market now, working in which it becomes possible to combine travel and earnings for these trips. Let’s consider the most common of them.

#1. Web development

The most common profession of a digital nomad is web development. Mobile applications, websites, and various platforms are all made by the hands of web developers.

Nowadays it is quite easy to learn this. Here to your attention are all kinds of tutorials, video tutorials on Youtube, and so on. You only need perseverance and a great desire.

Most often, the company’s team, which has its online product, is dispersed around the world, and developers communicate and consult via Skype, and Slack (team chat).

Freelancers have the same story – these people do not depend on either the place or the time of day and the number of working hours. The main thing is that the work is done.

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#2. Blogging

Yes, you can also make a living on blogs and travel. But there is a lot of invested time behind this, a lot of work on filling the blog with useful and necessary content, promoting and monetizing the resource.

Successful and promoted blogs earn money on partner programs of large companies, sponsored articles, advertisements, and so on.

#3. Graphic and design

Logos, Lllustrations, Website Design, and much more. On freelance exchanges, a lot of people are looking for someone to come up with it all, draw it, and digitize it.

If you have talent and love for this type of work, there is nothing to think about, you just need to use it. And there the journey is just around the corner.

#4. Copywriting, Text Creation, and Translation

Those who are good at copying someone else’s text in their own words, know several languages to translate these texts and can communicate with people by text, either on general topics or on special ones given by the customer.

It is not as easy as it seems at first glance. For example, you need to create a text description of plastic windows or tile laying services in the bathroom, and you are a girl and have no idea how to do it at all.

It is necessary that this text is still selling, SEO-optimized for search engines, and with the lowest percentage of plagiarism and water.

Even if you write everything out of your head, there is already so much information on the Internet that it is very difficult to control the percentage of plagiarism.

In the end, the creation of texts and copywriting is not a very profitable occupation, since the customer pays for the number of words.

#5. Online Stores

The topics can be very diverse. The main thing is to correctly approach the definition of your target audience and the advertising of your brand or store.

This is one of the types of remote work, which after a while, with good promotion, will work like clockwork even without your intervention (again, depending on which product to sell).

#6. Online Training

Quite frequent travelers are teachers who do not teach in schools but have chosen their path. In this case, it is not necessary to work for someone, you can go on an independent voyage and look for students via the Internet, and teach via Skype, for example.

Nowadays, the phenomenon of online schools is becoming widespread. Moreover, these can be not only language schools, but also general education schools.

I foresee that shortly schools will no longer bind parents and their children to a certain place and families will travel together.

In the future there may be all sorts of costs like lack of communication with peers, but who knows, maybe this problem will be solved!

How to become a successful digital nomad

#7. Consulting

If you are good at something, then why not earn money for living and travel on it? It is enough to have good communication skills and a web resource on which you will promote your services.

Even if you have learned the skills yourself, via the Internet, this does not mean that other people can learn by themselves.

It is much easier for some when someone teaches and explains. And these are the people who are willing to pay for your advice on anything.

#8. Photography and videography

Photography and video creation are creative things, but in addition to shooting and processing the material itself, you will also have to sit at the computer and promote your services on the Internet.

The easiest way is to get yourself a resource-a portfolio, a Youtube channel that will include examples of your work. Or Sell photos and videos on stock, which, with a smart approach, will bring passive income.

How much do digital nomads earn?

There is no definite answer to this question, because the professions are different, as are the qualifications of the nomads themselves. However, it’s no secret that digital nomads often live more comfortably than their office counterparts.

Insurance company William Russell created a financial calculator which will show an average salary for various jobs.

It was created based on research handled by PwC Consulting. It is worth remembering that the same job may be paid for differently depending on the location, thus, working as a web developer you may have $15,557 in Portugal in contrast to $88,496 in Switzerland.

Of course, wages may differ greatly from nation to nation, but so can the cost of living.


The lifestyle of a digital nomad allows you to broaden your horizons, see the world and get a new experience. However, it is fraught with several difficulties, mostly related to remote work and self-organization.

If a person is mentally ready for such turns for the sake of frequent changes in the situation, then digital nomadism will come in handy for him.