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CRECSOHealthImportance of Breastfeeding and Its Various Nuances

Importance of Breastfeeding and Its Various Nuances

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Breastfeeding is a must for every child who is not lactose intolerant. Every child needs to receive the nutrition of its mother’s milk since this helps build up a child’s immune system and increases the chances of survival by several degrees.

However, there are numerous problems and barriers when it comes to Importance of Breastfeeding. Many mothers tend to shy away from breastfeeding due to a lack of information and various social taboos.

While, on the one hand, some mothers choose not to opt for breastfeeding, some wish to prolong their breastfeeding period.

This apparent dichotomy exists since while some mothers do not know why it is essential to breastfeed, some are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding a four-year-old.

With the importance of breastfeeding on the rise, more and more mothers are opting for a prolonged breastfeeding period.

Understanding The Importance of Breastfeeding

While prolonged breastfeeding is generally done when advised by the doctor, some mothers continue to breastfeed their child for an extended period since they have become comfortable with the act.

The comfort factor is the main reason why many mothers do not breastfeed their children for long. It is difficult to find the correct posture for breastfeeding, and hence it might result in sore nipples and backaches.

Sometimes the lack of proper awareness leads to women not breastfeeding their children.

How is prolonged breastfeeding helpful?

The average time for breastfeeding would be till about six months from the birth of the child to one to one and a half years. However, some women, when advised by their doctor, extend this period of breastfeeding.

Prolonged breastfeeding works wonders when it comes to extending the child’s survival rate and boosting its immune system.

If a child has low immunity or is struggling with a disease that might lead to serious survival issues, doctors, to be on the safe side, ask mothers to prolong their period of breastfeeding.

An essential thing that women who have been advised to extend their breastfeeding period should do is find the position in which she is comfortable and her child to is comfortable when being fed.

Often babies have a problem of suckling and hence do not receive the amount of nutrition needed. This is a problem that can provide the best solution if you manage to find the correct position.

Once you do find the ideal posture, there will be no turning back in terms of breastfeeding. Sometimes you might come across women who are pregnant and breastfeeding a four-year-old!

The comfort factor becomes so important that once you and your child find the correct position for you, you will feel like breastfeeding for as long as you can.

Thus breastfeeding is essential for any child to have a healthy and disease-free life. With an increase in survival rate, breastfeeding is the order of the day.

Hence if you are expecting a child soon, talk to your doctor, discuss the importance of breastfeeding and nurse the child when it comes.

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