For many people, skydiving might not be their cup of tea, and we can’t exactly say we blame them because, undoubtedly, the feeling of jumping out of a plane is quite overwhelming!

People are scared of it because it isn’t exactly what they do daily, and it is undoubtedly a powerful way of getting an adrenaline rush.

But when it comes to you, how does it feel when you hear the word ‘skydiving’? Do you think the fear in the pit of your stomach that makes you cringe, or do you get an adrenaline rush that energizes your body?


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Skydiving on Your Bucket List

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adventure freak or a 9 to 5 person who likes to rush home to snuggle up with a cuppa if you want to get that much-needed adrenaline rush and your heartbeat racing faster than ever, then here’s why you must include skydiving on your bucket list:

Thrill like nothing

Nothing compares to the feeling in the world like throwing yourself off that flying plane, and we mean it…literally!

Imagine yourself flying in the sky and gradually free falling to the ground! Sounds cool. And while you are falling, you may even spot some eagles. Well, you could give them a high five or maybe not (it’s up to you!).

Making that dream come true

As a child, we’ve all had this dream – a dream to fly! So, why not break free from the shackles holding you down to the ground and soar into the skies like you were destined to do this? Grab this golden opportunity and finally fulfil your childhood dream.

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A killing view

Indeed, you have flown in a plane before and saw some fantastic scenery as you left your city.

But it was only while you were sitting comfortably in a pressurized cabin. On the other hand, you will be in total euphoria when you are free falling, as you’ll get to witness a killing view firsthand.

The feeling of fresh air hitting your body and the incredibly breathtaking view of landscapes will surely leave you shell-shocked as you witness a Valhalla!

I am finally letting it go.

Let it go… just let it all go! Your first jump will be with an instructor, so you can be carefree, knowing that you are in safe hands.

If you’re afraid of heights, you’ll indeed be scared to do it, but this time, go with the flow and trust the process… eventually, everything will fall in place (and so will you, my friend!).

Also, if you’re someone who likes keeping things in your control, then for once, give it to someone else’s hand. You’ll certainly feel good.

Mastering your fears

If the thought raises the hair on your neck, we highly recommend you experience the feeling. You can go big or go home, and there is no in-between!

Well, you might have never considered going skydiving in your life because of the significant risk that’s involved. Of course, everybody is scared of it, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing it. Find the courage within you and master all your fears.

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Kickass photos

There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. Well, guess what? You can stand in between and be brave while being crazy!

As this experience will be something that will etch in your memories forever, we recommend you get a good action camera that will help you capture some kickass aerial shots. We will be honest with you.

Though every photo you click will not be exciting, you might find yourself looking stupid that you would want to delete those pictures straightaway.

However, if you happen to catch some good shots, thank your luck, as those photos will surely make your heart race when you see them time and again.

Become a celebrity

After uploading the photos and videos on social media platforms, you will indeed become a celebrity in your circle (needless to say, you make your friends green in envy as well!).

You will enjoy your magical phone that doesn’t stop ringing with calls and beeping with messages from your friends and relatives. The news of your adventure will spread like wildfire, and you will become the talk of the town in just a matter of days.

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Everyone will ask you about your excellent experience, wanting to know whether you were scared or not, and that is when you can say with your head held high, ‘It all started with….’ That being said, an additional tip we would like to give you is to make the story all the more exciting, as it will raise your reputation.

We hope that by reading the above article, you’re all pumped up and set to strike yet another adrenaline-filled activity off your list.

However, if you are scared to do it alone, why not discuss this idea with your squad and make it happen? It doesn’t matter if they are ordinary people with average abilities or ripped athletes.

You can tell them about it and maybe plan out an adventure, a random day out or make it a part of your stag do.

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