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Important Project Management Phases To Know

Project management is a complex process where you have to work out in multi level process and here you have to gather the data from the stakeholders and then you have to analyze and develop a plan with delegate work with available resources and you should deliver the results in the scheduled time.

This project management life cycle is divided into five distinct phases

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Control
  • Closure

These are the five basic life cycle for project management and let us see how the project is going to be handled and executed in a successful way.

This is the first level here you have to sit and analyze the project overview and then you have to find out the approach of your project management and then you select a project manager for your team, then select the team members after that you can start planning your process. All the team members and the project manager should have an enthusiastic level to complete the project in the scheduled time. The project manager should analyze the project and then he should develop a business case and a project character and then you should build up the project team to complete the project in a successful manner.

Planning is a process where you have to make decisions actively and you have to plan for your project then develop schedules, estimate costs and then you have to establish performance indicators. Planning is very necessary in order to make new decisions for the project progressive from the initiation stage to close closure stage. Planning is fully responsible by the project manager only he has to analyze the stockholders; project teams and then he have to create a plan on the project. The project manager is fully responsible so he should initially plan all the risk management, finance and resources which are going to be faced in the future.

The project manager should develop team members and then he should assign tasks for the project and he should conduct meetings whenever required and he should track the status of the project always only then the project will be completed accordingly so all the members should work hard and put more effort to complete their project in the successful way. Initially all the activities which are going to associate for the execution of project should be divided into several categories then he should successfully manage the project to complete in the scheduled time.

Along the execution phase the monitoring system should be carried out only then the performance of the project will be in the excellent level. Tracking the performance level of the individual team members and project as the whole should be monitored always only then you can manage to produce the output with quality.

And this is 5th phase and all the deliverable will be handed over to the stockholders and the project is brought to the formal close and where you will review your team performance and you will recognize their effort, after analyzing the projects class notes should be taken to improve the future performance level.

By following these phases of project management, you can handle a project in a successful way that whenever you want.