inspiring leaflets design ideas

Leaflet distribution can make a large difference to your business and is a great way to reach a targeted audience on a limited budget. For a fraction of the cost of a television commercial or radio advertisement, it’s possible to let people know about your business or promote an exclusive offer or special promotion.

There is a catch, however – your leaflet has to be visually appealing in order for a leaflet distribution campaign to be successful. Fortunately, designing and creating leaflets doesn’t have to cost a lot, and if you have access to a decent computer and some software, it can even be possible to produce a professional looking and eye-catching leaflet yourself. Here are some helpful design tips to get you started.

How To Design Great Looking Leaflets

leaflets design ideas


A successful leaflet distribution campaign relies on the leaflet having a great design and a relevant message, so the content that will go on your leaflet is of the utmost importance. Whatever you decide to include, it needs to be relevant and to the point. Remember that a leaflet is not a novel and that people come into contact with them on an almost daily basis, so take steps to make sure yours stands out from the crowd.

Bold Title or Heading

When designing your leaflet, the first thing you should do is make sure it has a catchy and bold title or heading. This can be your business name or any other phrase that will grab a potential customer’s attention. It’s also important to put some thought into choosing which font type you’ll use, as some will be more appropriate than others.

For instance, if you’re trying to impart a serious message, using comic sans is probably not the best idea. Matching your leaflet font to the same font type your business uses can be a great way to maintain a uniform look. It’s also recommended that you stick to using only one or two different font types to avoid clashing.


When it comes to leaflet distribution, having colourful leaflets can make all the difference. People routinely receive black and white leaflets in the mail and often don’t take any notice of them, but it’s harder to ignore a leaflet that’s bursting with colour. It’s a good idea to choose colours that match the existing colour scheme of your business, but keep in mind that there’s always room for experimentation. If you think a particular colour is going to work better, trust your instincts.

Bullet Points

Including a list of bullet points is a great way to highlight the important parts of your leaflet. Bullet points are an effective tool that can be used to direct people to the most important parts of your message. This can be very useful, as many people want information fast – either due to not having the time or simply not being interested enough to read through paragraphs of text.

Don’t Forget to Proofread

Before printing off your leaflets for leaflet distribution, be sure to proofread them. You can also use spell check and get someone else to read over them. Finally, check the phone numbers listed by dialling them to make sure they’re correct.