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Intellectual humility is a virtue equivalent to being an open-minded person. And it is a characteristic that describes people who are sure about themselves because they know exactly what they want in life.

Talking about this topic at present is necessary, if we start from the fact that the excess of information we receive daily through social media or internet, sometimes turns us into self-centered people, which leads us to have difficulties in acquiring new knowledge and accept possible mistakes in our way of thinking.

Successful people attribute their achievements to their intellectual humility, as is the case of the entrepreneur Gutemberg Dos Santos, expert in digital economy and personal development; Dos Santos talks about the great benefits of intellectual humility and how he has managed to reinforce the desire to learn to acquire new ideas.

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What Is Intellectual Humility?

Knowing how to recognize that we are not holders of absolute truth.

This is a serious mistake because we automatically close the doors to acquiring more knowledge, this is because we limit ourselves to listening to the point of view of others and therefore it prevents us from having personal and social growth.

What is required now to face a society saturated with ways of thinking and interacting; is to be flexible, tolerant and timely people. That is, we must know how to identify the right moment to act and say what we think in the right context in order to achieve good results.

How Is Leadership Related To Intellectual Humility? 

To begin with, you cannot be a leader if you conceive others below you. A good leader is one who manages to put himself at the level of others in order to communicate and achieve empathy with others.

If your staff or team is aware that you are willing to listen to them, they will follow you. People make you a leader because they trust you to go hand in hand and achieve common goals.

I will not be a safe leader if I do not know what others want, it’s like walking aimlessly. People are the energy and the motor of the leader, it is a vehicle that leads us together to reach the goal.

Therefore, I conceive from the other, and intellectual humility is nothing more than the accumulation of knowledge from experiences and continuous interaction within different scenarios.

Intellectual Humility

What Characteristics Do Rigid Minds Have? 

Mainly fear losing control, people with rigid minds maintain a sense of uncertainty if they face people with different ideas, so they prefer not to get out of their mental schemes, try to always impose their ideas and fall into intellectual egocentrism.

They maintain the illusion that they have all the knowledge, closing the possibility of acquiring new ideas for not accepting and knowing how to listen to others.

How to develop intellectual humility and what it has brought to Gutenberg Dos Santos?

First we must be aware that the world of digitalization has transformed social practices and as a consequence, rational functioning. If we sticked only to what we learned 15 years ago, we would close any possibility of excelling in the context in which we are standing.

We must be willing to listen and see other perspectives, feedback our knowledge with different points of view and be self-critical.

I have learned to be a more aware person, that the diversity of ideas feeds back into my mental scheme.

The flexibility of thought has helped me to forge my position in the face of differences, breaking taboos and beliefs that time limited my vision of the world.

I have had the opportunity to travel and meet countless cultures that have enriched my human sense, but above all they have helped me develop my curiosity to discover and experience new things.

But the most interesting thing is that intellectual humility leads me to make a more objective assessment of the knowledge I have and to recognize that I still have a lot to learn.

For more information visit: www.gutembergds.com

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